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Posted 11/17/2022 by Centralbiohub

Metabolic Disorders: types, causes, and risk

Metabolic Disorders: types, causes, and risk

Learn more about Metabolic Disorders.

Metabolic disorders refer to the group of medical conditions resulting from disrupting the normal body metabolism of converting food into energy. It is a complex disease condition that can affect the functioning of organs such as the liver, pancreas, heart, etc., which eventually cause metabolic failure. In the present decade, a rise in the incidence and prevalence of different metabolic diseases was noticed.

Types of Metabolic Disorders and causes. 

Metabolic disorders can result from failure or malfunction of vital organs such as the liver, imbalance of hormonal regulation, deficiency of enzymes, overeating, unhealthy lifestyle, etc. It can also find its roots in genetics to cause inherited metabolic disorders. Common metabolic disorders are diabetes mellitus Type-2 and Type-1, glucose-galactose malabsorption, Gaucher's disease, hereditary hemochromatosis, maple syrup urine disease, or phenylketonuria. Research is progressing across the globe to learn more about metabolic conditions, their risks, early diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Wide-array of Metabolic Disorder biospecimens is available at Central BioHub.

Boosting scientific research across the globe, Central BioHub is the largest human biospecimen provider bringing more than 800,000+ banked human samples for biomedical research and development. It is the leading open-access online marketplace for speeding up sample procurement. Central BioHub directly connects the largest human biorepositories to biomedical scientists and research organisations to fulfil the need for high-quality human biospecimens.

Powering human biospecimens to create a difference in the diagnosis and therapy of metabolic diseases, Central BioHub unveils thousands of human specimens, such as serum, plasma, urine, and faeces collected from patients diagnosed with various metabolic disorders. Central BioHub is a trustworthy partner for the purchase of high-quality human biospecimens online. 

The sample inventory comprises patient samples of Diabetes mellitus Type I and Type II, chronic kidney disorders, lipid metabolic disorders, etc. that are precisely tested for specific parameters and immediately available for online purchase. Moreover, Central BioHub promises a seamless procurement experience with a fast click-an-order system. 

Furthermore, it ensures a safe and fast delivery of your research samples to your laboratory located anywhere in the world. 

Are you amazed? It’s never too late for a good start. Check out their product page to make instant online orders: https://centralbiohub.de/biospecimens/metabolic-disorders

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