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Posted 09/17/2023 by The Bishop Law Firm

Leg Injury After Car Accident

Leg Injury After Car Accident

Common Leg Injuries After Car Accidents

Skin Injury

Skin Injury (soft tissue injuries) - can be shallow or to the bone. If the cut is to the bone, the leg injury will take longer to heal. Depending on where the laceration is it may cause severe pain and affect your ability to walk, sit and stand. Sutures may be required and nerve damage is possible. There is always the chance of infection and scarring. Proper wound care is imperative.

Bruising is a common injury among car accident victims. However, medical treatment should be sought to confirm the bruise is superficial and not a more serious injury (see discussion on Deep Vein Thrombosis below). For more read our article: Skin Injury After A Car Accident.

Muscles, Ligaments or Tendon Strain and Tear

Muscles, Ligaments, or Tendons Strain or Tear cause leg pain, swelling and even the inability to use the muscle. Usually, a physical examination by a doctor can be enough to diagnose a muscle strain or tear. You may need crutches or braces to demobilize the area and give it time to heal. P.R.I.C.E. and NSAIDS are often recommended by doctors (Via WebMD)to help with the  muscle spasms and shooting pain.

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