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Laser engraved knives in Egypt

Laser engraved knives in Egypt

When looking for a personalized gift, or a way to create your own unique knife. Sekeen provides Laser engraved knives in Egypt; we can engrave your knife for you. Our laser engravings make a good knife really special. Would you like to give someone a unique gift? Let your product be engraved! When you have created a design for the engraving, you will have to choose a position. There are several options for your design to stand out.  When choosing the position, it is important to consider where the brand is on the product, and how big would like engraving. We can record on almost all flat, metallic surfaces.

Our laser engraved knives in Egypt are engraved by professional specialists. We use modern laser machines to ensure that your engraved knife is performed by a professional engraving staff. Because the only thing we do is a knife, we are a leading industry in Egypt. Most knives are private and personal parents, boyfriend colleagues. Choose our custom pocket knife and a fishing knife is a fantastic gift for many years!

Custom knife engraving in Egypt

We now provide custom knife engraving in Egypt. Laser engraving can create a dear knife piece by adding a personal touch. Often your names and phases are on your blades for special gifts for graduates, birthdays, weddings or anniversaries, retirement, or other specific items. You can also add a name to your favorite knife when using it. Our laser devices engrave metal, wood, glass, plastic, and leather.  After applying, you just have to choose fonts and enter the text to relieve. If you apply a knife with engraving as an option, we will activate the code - usually behind the knife. We can offer custom transactions for the company logo or image. We want a high-quality picture. Contact us for more information or quotation.

Japanese chef knives in Egypt


There is no magic in that when we say: the best Japanese chef knives in Egypt are the Knife that works best for you. When you buy knives, you should ask yourself, why you will use your knives. Professional chefs and homemade chefs usually have different needs. Professional chefs tend to use their knives up to 40 to 50 hours of the week, while household chefs typically use them for about twenty minutes a day to prepare dinner. With that in mind, you do not need to invest in heavy-duty blades that have better retention of an edge than professional chef's use.  They are traditional Japanese slices that have a single bevel sheet. Unlike Western-style Japanese knives having a double edge, individual bevel knives can achieve a super sharp cutting edge, perfect for cleaner cuts, such as fillet fish to perfect Sashimi.

Sushi knife set in Egypt

In the high-end series for professional useJapanese-style Sushi knife set in Egypt is generally said that still have better clarity than western-style due to the best combination of method, structure, and production materials, and are indispensable stock in the Japanese - Style plate that requires delicate handling and shaving sharpening to cut especially raw fish for sashimi and sushi in which a cutting surface divides superiority or inferiority. Japanese cuisine often requires specialized utensils and tools, and sushi is a perfect example. It also means most of its tools, especially the knives are specialized. Having the best Sushi knife set in Egypt makes the entire process safer, easier and adds to the final quality of the dish. The best sushi knives make your work in the kitchen easier and make the whole process pleasant.  Taking a leaf of professional chefs can save you from the agony of trying to improvise. You just need to fill your kitchen with the same tools used by the sushi chefs. Here are the essentials. You want a knife that gives you precise cuts and one that is also agile enough to guarantee clean cuts without ruining the meat. It is for this reason that you must make use of a knife specifically made for sushi.  The knife should also be acute enough to avoid sliding your fish.

Walnut End Grain Cutting Board in Egypt

The final grain cutting board is the best Walnut End Grain Cutting Board in Egypt that is located and meets the most demanding customer's needs. More durable than regular cutting boards, these final grain tables look beautiful at your counter. A final grain is a much harder surface and has a greater tolerance to cut the movement. These tables give a truly resistant cutting surface, while it is kind to the sharp edge of the Knife.

 This Walnut End Grain Cutting Board in Egypt acts at a given moment as a cutting block, food preparation surface, or service station, sometimes all three. Therefore, it is essential that this kitchen accessory can be made of durable material.

Folding utility knife in Egypt


The folding utility knife in Egypt is one of the most diverse tools for DIY lovers. You can use it for countless functions, stripping wires, open carton boxes for cutting vegetables, and small animals. Apart from giving a superior cut, you can easily turn the knife and put them in your bag.

You may need to spend a lot of time finding the right tool for your needs, and we understand the rare time. So we help you choose to choose. Sekeen store offers the best folding utility knife in Egypt.

Nothing exceeds the convenience of having full access to an excellent folding utility knife when needed. However, finding a good knife is one thing. Getting the best for work is another. With so many options of different types, designs and sizes.

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