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Posted 02/01/2023 by EnvironMolds, LLC

Knowing the Various Uses of Silicone Paint

Knowing the Various Uses of Silicone Paint

When silicone paint medium is combined with silicone pigments, a permanent paint is created that may be applied to silicone surfaces. The paint medium is incorporated into the Cirius Silicone Dyes in the same way that oil paint is thinned with linseed oil. The 'medium,' on the other hand, is a silicone catilyst that, when combined with the dye, converts the two into silicone and adheres permanently to the silicone surface to which color is applied.

Cirius Silicone Paints come in ten vibrant colours, including 'Quinn Blush,' which many have seen to be used by acclaimed doll rebirthing artist Terry Quinn to give her silicone dolls a hint of skin blush.

Adhesion to silicone surfaces necessitates the use of a silicone-based paint. That said, only Cirius brand silicone paints will attach to both types of silicones (tin-based and platinum-based) when used with Cirius Paint Medium.

By adding the paints to the silicone base before adding the catalyst, they can be used as a dye/pigment (intrinsic). A little goes a long way in this case. Extrinsically, the paints are most commonly used to paint the silicone surface after it has cured.

Silicone-based coatings are widely employed in industrial operations. Silicone-based coatings, for example, are used by tire producers to ensure quality by ensuring consistent release performance during the molding process. Paints with silicone additives improve vessel efficiency (faster speed and lower fuel consumption) and eliminate the usage of harmful antifouling paints in the shipping industry. Silicones are used by industrial paint manufacturers to improve adhesion, waterproofing, and resilience to harsh environments.

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