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Posted 11/11/2022 by Centralbiohub

Know about HIV/AIDS and its transmission?

Know about HIV/AIDS and its transmission?

What exactly is HIV/AIDS?

Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immuno-deficiency Syndrome is referred to as HIV/AIDS. It is one of the most common STIs, impacting millions of people worldwide. At the same time, there is no complete cure for HIV/AIDS. The infection caused by an RNA retrovirus from the genus Lentivirus called Human Immunodeficiency Virus specifically targets the host's immune system and eventually destroys it, making the patient vulnerable to many other opportunistic infections and diseases. As a result, a stage with a severely impaired immune system known as AIDS emerges.


How HIV infection transmits?


HIV/AIDS is one of several sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The primary transmission route of HIV infection is unprotected sexual intercourse with the infected partner or partners. It can also transmit from person to person by the exchange of body fluids such as blood, plasma, breast milk, vaginal fluid, and semen with HIV patients. Sharing needles for injections or coming into contact with infected blood while using parenteral medications is also reported as one of the major routes of transmission of HIV infection. Additionally, HIV infection can be passed from infected mothers to their fetuses. The following are the risk factors for acquiring HIV infection:

  • Having condomless anal, vaginal or oral sex with multiple partners
  • Having sex with an HIV-infected patient or the patient diagnosed with other STDs.
  • Drug abuse.
  • Blood transfusion, dialysis, and organ transplantation 
  • Accidental needle stick injuries for healthcare workers


Endpoint for the Search for HIV samples for research

According to global estimates, HIV infection affects millions of people regardless of age and gender in both developed and low-income countries. Therefore, HIV/AIDS is a worldwide pandemic that impacts the emotional, social, and physical well-being of infected individuals. There is currently a lot of research on HIV specimens propelling across the globe to discover effective vaccinations and Anti-HIV drug treatment options. But the prospects for discovering a permanent treatment remain dismal. However, scientists are working tirelessly to make a significant biological advancement for HIV/AIDS prevention. And yes, that is not very far.

Central BioHub is one of the most innovative online human biospecimen marketplaces designed to fulfill the demand for high-quality HIV/AIDS samples for research and development. It is a market leader for human biospecimens, ensuring the quick and hassle-free online acquisition of research specimens. Visit the company's new website to learn how easy biosample acquisition can be: https://centralbiohub.de/.

Central BioHub offers thousands of HIV infection samples carefully collected from HIV/AIDS patients of different ages, genders, and ethnicities in response to the growing demand for HIV samples for scientific research on a global scale. It contains HIV test samples of human serum and plasma tested for indicators of HIV infection, such as anti-HIV p24, anti-HIV-1/2, human immunodeficiency virus type 1 ribonucleic acid (HIV-1-RNA), and more. Check out their online inventory for more details of the HIV/AIDS research specimens: https://centralbiohub.de/blogs/thousands-of-hiv-samples-are-available-for-research

Central BioHub collaborates with the world's quickest global transportation network to guarantee that each sample is dispatched safely, maintaining the cold chain, and is delivered to your location. Additionally, it has a competent scientific team that supports all aspects of biospecimen procurement and responds to queries regarding samples within no time. Get started with Central BioHub now.

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