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Posted 09/28/2023 by WebMaxy

Klaviyo alternative: Comparing features and benefits

Klaviyo alternative: Comparing features and benefits

In today’s world, customers have become the main focus of businesses. In order to drive customers to a business, it’s important to provide an exceptional customer experience. You need to understand customers better, meet them where they are, and offer personalized experiences. Klaviyo and WebMaxy both are automation tools that can help you create personalized experiences. However, there are many differences between the two that we will discuss. Klaviyo has been in the market since 2012 and has gained immense popularity over time. But as years passed, many Klaviyo alternative came into the market.

WebMaxy eGrowth is a Klaviyo alternative that comes with more advanced features at an affordable price. Klaviyo features are mainly focused on email marketing & email automation, and SMS marketing for eCommerce businesses. eGrowth, the best Klaviyo alternative gives you all the tools that you need for personalized marketing and enhancing your customer experience

Here, in this blog, we will give you a detailed comparison of Klaviyo and an alternative to Klaviyo. This information will help you choose among the Klaviyo email marketing alternatives.

Check out a comprehensive comparison between Klaviyo vs WebMaxy.

Have a look at the key points that make WebMaxy the best alternative to Klaviyo at an affordable price.

Comparing Klaviyo and WebMaxy eGrowth for eCommerce 

Klaviyo and Klaviyo competitors both provide marketing automation features to eCommerce businesses. Both offer advanced marketing functions like customer segmentation, automation, and reporting to online businesses. 

Nonetheless, WebMaxy eGrowth takes a comprehensive approach by serving businesses with marketing analytics and pre-built customer journey templates. You can analyze your marketing channels’ performance in one place. You can see which marketing campaigns are driving the highest and lowest revenue. 

eGrowth, Klaviyo alternative enables you to unify your social media channels in one dashboard. You can manage and schedule all your social media posts from eGrowth. WebMaxy has been working to create powerful marketing tools that enable online businesses to achieve their digital marketing objectives with ease.  

Next, we will give you a complete breakdown of the features of both Klaviyo and WebMaxy. 

Pricing comparison: WebMaxy eGrowth and Klaviyo 

Based on number of contacts

Number of ContactsWebMaxy eGrowthKlaviyo
1,001-5,000 contacts
  • $99
  • $100
5,001-10,000 contacts
  • $149
  • $175
10,001-50,000 contacts
  • $249
  • $700
50,000-1,00,000 contacts
  • $499
  • $1200

Klaviyo vs WebMaxy at a glance 

In this section, you’ll get to know the major differences between what Klaviyo offers and what WebMaxy provides. You’ll learn how Klaviyo alternative – WebMaxy is better in terms of features and pricing. 

Ease of use
  • Lots of complex features might make it a bit confusing but still very intuitive.
  • Very easy-to-use interface
  • Comes with guidance
  • Dedicated support team
  • Contact list management
  • Full-service marketing CRM
  • KPI dashboard
  • Marketing analytics
  • Customer segmentation
  • Pre-built autoresponders
  • Ready to launch marketing workflows
  • Welcome workflows
  • Event and behavior-based automation
  • Product recommendations
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Retargeting customers
Marketing channels & features
  • One-click integrations
  • Audience builder
  • Facebook ads
  • Customer profiles
  • Email marketing
  • One-click integrations
  • Audience builder
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Social media post scheduling (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Email marketing (Welcome emails, transactional emails, etc)
  • Whatsapp marketing
  • Customer profiles
  • Customer loyalty
Email marketing
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Customizable templates
  • Easy list imports
  • Responsive emails
  • Email newsletters
  • A/B testing
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Email personalization
  • Easy list imports
  • Triggered emails
  • Responsive emails
  • Welcome email series
  • Email newsletters
  • A/B testing
Reported data
  • Website tracking
  • ROI based tracking
  • Dynamic data blocks
  • Conversion & ROI based tracking
  • Real-time campaign analytics
  • ROI tracking across all marketing channels
  • Data on metrics like open, bounce, click-through rates, total sales, revenue, etc.
  • 300+
  • 300+ leading apps including Shopify, WooCommece, Magento, Google Ads, etc.
Ideal customers
  • Large eCommerce brands who want Email and SMS marketing automation.
  • Beginners, Startups, SMBs, and large enterprises who want to automate and optimize their marketing with a large number of tools.
Customer support
  • Chat support 5 days a week, limited hours
  • Email support 7 days a week, limited hours
  • Twitter and crowd-sourced support.
  • Email, chat, and phone support 24/7
  • Award-winning customer support
  • $165/month for 10,000 contacts (Email & SMS both).
  • $149/month for unlimited contacts (Email, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail).

Klaviyo vs WebMaxy: Comprehensive comparison 

Today, there are many Klaviyo competitors in the market. Now, let’s understand how WebMaxy is better than Klaviyo in terms of features, capabilities, and pricing.  

Customer data analytics 


Customer data can help you understand your customers and optimize your marketing campaigns accordingly. Klaviyo provides detailed profiles of customers like their purchase history and interactions with your brand. It also offers information like the customer’s expected lifetime value and their predictive next order date. 

Webmaxy offers more features than Klaviyo in its free and paid plans. You can get complete customer data in the dashboard. You can create customer segments and lists based on their attributes, engagement, and purchase history. You can get in-depth data about your customers and create contact lists to target them with personalized marketing campaigns. 

Customer segmentation 


Audience segmentation can help you conduct personalized marketing. Both Klaviyo email automation and Webmaxy enable you to carry out customer segmentation. With Klaviyo you can segment your customers based on previously viewed products, subscribed to a list, bought a product, etc.  You can do segmentation with Klaviyo for Email, SMS, push notifications, Facebook, or Instagram. 

With Webmaxy eGrowth, klaviyo alternative you can do customer segmentation based on characteristics, demographics, last-bought products, buying journey stage, etc. You can refine your marketing approach and create personalized marketing campaigns. eGrowth enables you to export these lists and segments for your marketing campaigns. 

Marketing insights 


WebMaxy eGrowth, this klaviyo alternatives offers a KPI dashboard that provides you with information on key marketing metrics like marketing spend, revenue, CPC, CAC, ROAS, and ACOS. You don’t get this feature in a Klaviyo branding.

eGrowth provides you with detailed marketing insights like conversion and revenue contribution of distinct marketing channels. You can know which marketing campaigns are delivering results and which aren’t. You can plan your marketing strategy based on the outcome of marketing channels. 

You can analyze your marketing channels’ performance based on different attribution models. This in-depth analysis can help you choose the right marketing channels for your business. 

Personalized emails 


Nowadays, people’s inboxes are bombarded with tons of emails and messages every day. The best way to grasp people’s attention is by offering them what they want. Both Klaviyo and WebMaxy offer different types of personalization that we will talk about later. 

Product recommendations 

Both Klaviyo and WebMaxy offer customer segmentation to provide personalized product recommendations. You can segment customers based on their product history and send them similar product recommendations. For example, a customer purchased a flower pot. You can send them an email when the latest flower pot collection arrives. 



WebMaxy eGrowth enables you to connect with customers effectively with powerful automation tools. You can automate SMS, Email, and WhatsApp messaging to make your customer journey smooth. You can create marketing workflows with an easy drag-and-drop feature and ensure customers are addressed at each stage of the buying journey. 

eGrowth, this klaviyo alternative offers pre-built marketing workflows for welcome and abandoned cart messages. You can create events and behavior-based automation for sign-up and abandoned carts. You can build workflows for retargeting with product recommendations. Setting up automation enables you to reach customers with the right message at the right time. 

Webmaxy eGrowth’s marketing workflow gives you the ability to create custom automation to stay connected with customers throughout their journey. You can engage with customers at a specified time and push them ahead in the funnel. You can create workflows with an easy drag-and-drop feature. This way you can build customer journeys that lead to successful conversions. 

Klaviyo’s pricing plans offer marketing automation tools at a higher price for a limited number of contacts. With Klaviyo you get 10,00o contacts data capability and (Email & SMS) automation at a cost of $175/month. However, you get more features and functionalities in WebMaxy eGrowth just at a price of $149/month. 

Abandoned cart and retargeting ads 


Many times customers add products to their cart and discard the cart before completing the purchase. You can bring these customers back to your website by targeting them with personalized offers and discount messages. 

WebMaxy eGrowth, this klaviyo alternative enables you to automatically target these customers with marketing workflow builder. You can send relevant messages and bring these customers back to your website. With Klaviyo you’re just limited to SMS and Email but with WebMaxy eGrowth you can do SMS, Email, and WhatsApp marketing. 

You can also retarget these customers with Google and Meta ads through eGrowth. However, you can’t do the same with Klaviyo. Retargeting ads can help you reach customers who are on the verge of making the purchase decision. 

Transactional emails 


You can send order confirmation and shipping emails to customers through both Klaviyo and Webmaxy eGrowth. With Klaviyo you can send transactional messages only by SMS and Email. But eGrowth makes it easy to send order confirmations and shipping messages through different marketing channels like SMS, Email, and WhatsApp. 

To send transactional emails from Klaviyo, you need to connect with their customer service department. For sending transactional emails for anything other than account creation, order, and shipment, you need to use their API to set up the customer trigger. 

Social Media Management 


As per Klaviyo reviews, it doesn’t offer any social media management feature. Webmaxy eGrowth allows you to plan, manage, and analyze your social media accounts. You can manage your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn from one place.

 With eGrowth, you can create your social media calendar and schedule posts priorly. You can analyze social media posts to know their overall engagement and success. It can help you know which social media channels are good for engaging with your target audience. 

Omni Channel Support 


For eCommerce businesses, managing customer queries is a difficult task. WebMaxy eGrowth enables brands to access and reply to customer queries from different channels through one dashboard. 

You can get access to customer queries from Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Gmail in one dashboard. You can set automated replies and give quick replies to customers to reduce your first response time. You don’t get this feature in Klaviyo pricing plans which again keeps it behind eGrowth.

Customer loyalty program 


You must reward customers for staying with your business in the long run. You can create a customer loyalty program that makes customers stick with your brand. WebMaxy eGrowth enables you to create a customer loyalty program. You can decide how the reward points system will work in your brand. You can give reward points to customers for sign-up, birthdays, and purchases. 

Customize the color of the customer loyalty program as per your brand theme. Decide on the value of a reward point and the ways through which customers can redeem them. A customer loyalty program can help you increase customer satisfaction and retention. Klaviyo doesn’t offer this functionality from this you can clearly understand eGrowth brings a lot to the table. 

Why should you use WebMaxy eGrowth-marketing automation tool? 

As per research, to increase the number of customers it’s important to have good products & services and provide a good experience. In today’s world, customers’ expectations have increased from a brand since they have so many options to choose from. 

Webmaxy eGrowth, this klaviyo alternative enables you to provide personalized and exceptional customer experience. You can automate your entire marketing and target customers with relevant messages at the right time. You can segment customers based on their attributes, behavior, and purchase history to focus on them effectively. 

You can analyze which marketing channels are performing the best and the worst based on their revenue & conversion contribution. You can make data-driven marketing investments and drive the best results. Managing social media channels is easy with WebMaxy eGrowth. You can plan, schedule, and analyze social media posts with it. 

How quickly you respond to customer queries plays an important role in the overall customer experience and satisfaction. eGrowth helps you manage and respond to all your customer queries at the earliest. You can also implement a customer loyalty program with eGrowth to increase customer retention.  

WebMaxy eGrowth, this best Klaviyo alternative comes with a wide range of features that can help you enhance customer experience and increase customer loyalty. You get features like a KPI dashboard, customer segmentation, marketing workflow, marketing insights, social campaignsWhatsApp marketingWhatsApp commerceemail marketingOmnichannel support, customer loyalty, and retargeting. 

Klaviyo vs Webmaxy: The Conclusion 

WebMaxy eGrowth, this Klaviyo alternative, is the best all-in-one marketing tool for beginners, SMBs, and enterprises that want an affordable marketing solution. You can manage your full-funnel marketing with WebMaxy eGrowth. You can analyze which marketing channels are delivering results and invest in them accordingly. Automate your SMS, Email, and WhatsApp marketing channels to create smooth customer journeys. 

You can manage all your social media accounts from one dashboard. You don’t need to log into different accounts to post and analyze your social media content. Handling customer queries becomes easy with eGrowth Omni channel support. You can also boost your customer retention rate by running a customer loyalty program with this Klaviyo alternative. 

Klaviyo is a powerful marketing tool geared toward fast-growing retail businesses. In Klaviyo’s pricing, you just get analytics, multivariate testing, and SMS & Email automation. If your main goal is to sell online and create SMS & email automation, Klaviyo pricing is good. However, if your aim is to enhance customer experience, improve marketing performance, and boost ROI, WebMaxy eGrowth is the best choice for you.

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Klaviyo alternative: FAQs

What makes Klaviyo different?

Klaviyo comes with 300+ built-in integrations and an open API philosophy. This helps to sync data across your tech stack seamlessly and gives you the capability to manage personalized SMS and Email marketing across multiple stores. WebMaxy eGrowth, this Klaviyo alternative also offers one-click integrations that help to connect your data and tech stack effortlessly. You can automate your SMS, Email, and WhatsApp marketing to create customer journey workflows.

Why is Klaviyo so popular?

Klaviyo is popular for its cutting-edge data science that allows you to deliver unique experiences to customers by sending marketing emails at the right time. It offers a large number of workflows to choose from like abandoned cart reminders, birthday wishes, and thank-you messages. Webmaxy eGrowth is a Klaviyo alternative also enables you to create marketing workflows with SMS, Email, and WhatsApp messages for abandoned cart, welcome, and retargeting messages. You can also choose from the given marketing workflow templates.

What are the best alternatives to Klaviyo?

WebMaxy eGrowth is the best Klaviyo alternative as it comes with more advanced marketing automation tools. You can automate SMS, Email, and WhatsApp marketing. You can create customer journey workflows to enhance your customers’ buying journey experience. You can plan and schedule all your social media posts priorly from one dashboard. Get detailed marketing insights to optimize your marketing strategy accordingly. The Omni channel support feature enables you to respond to customer queries quickly from one place. WebMaxy eGrowth lets you do a lot more than Klaviyo in terms of marketing automation and management.

Which are the top Klaviyo competitors?

Klaviyo enables you to automate your SMS and Email marketing for the entire customer journey. Below we have mentioned some of the top Klaviyo competitors. 

– WebMaxy eGrowth 

– ActiveCampaign

– Mailchimp 

– HubSpot 

– Marketo

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