Kettlebell exercising routine

Kettlebell exercising routine

Only a few gym equipments can offer as many benefits as the kettlebell. When I observe the effectiveness of kettlebells, it quickly becomes my favorite tool for training at home or during a workout routine.

Few Kettlebell routines for effective exercise: 

Consistent workouts: One of the great beauties of kettlebell training is how you can flow from one exercise to the next without the need to put the kettlebell down. The ability to move from one exercise to the next and not need to change the kettlebell weight results in much quicker workouts, often in 20 minutes or less.

Moral Workout: Most of the kettlebell exercises use hundreds of muscles at a time, no more specific bicep exercises or tricep exercises instead kettlebell training does the lot in one go. Training the full body is excellent for fat loss because the more muscles you activate the more calories you burn and the quicker your metabolic rate.

Muscle and Strength: Kettlebell training is very dynamic raising your heart rate quickly so as well as developing muscle and strength you also receive a full machine workout too. Kettlebell training takes away the need to perform weights on one day and cardio on another, you can do everything in just one workout.

Stretching Hand: exercising with a kettlebell increases the strength of your hands and also allows your hand to be stretched. It is designed by the manufacturers to feet your hands while exercising with it.

Protective Measures: The truth behind exercising that many people deny informing you is the effect of not protecting your hands while exercising. Kettlebells are designed with fabricated steel metals which are mostly not user-friendly to our skins but while exercising, you need to protect your thumbs against growing stiff when you exercise with this piece of equipment. 

Note: Research shows that when you overhandle metals, it becomes stiff to your skin and it could cause your skin to grow stiffness, and most times, when we exercise more than the time needed, our hands start painting, this is as a result of not protecting yourself from gym equipment. 

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