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Japanese chef knives set in Egypt

Japanese chef knives set in Egypt

Having more time at home has made you an inventive chef? Whether storm cooking is a new or favorite sport, the chef is good as his tools in the kitchen. And every chef is a good chef! Fortunately, these decorations will not lose their arms and legs. The best kitchen knife in Egypt is Japanese chef knives set from the Sekeen store in Egypt, but for now, this set is available in the online store. sekeen.com

Most recipes call for some kind of cut. Make sure you're prepared for everything the instructions call for with the Sekeen Japanese Chef's Knife Set. Sekeen has designed amazing and affordable kitchen knives in Egypt that don't go bankrupt.

Made of sturdy stainless steel with a high Damascus content, these knives provide a balance of sharp edge retention and durability, offering a higher Damascus steel content than so-called "premium" knives on the market. Its forged construction incorporates a sloped reinforcement that gradually moves towards the blade face for comfort and control. And they enhance Western-style knives with their 15 ° sharper angle, giving you a noticeably sharper cutting surface than Western-style 24-degree cutting angles.

Chef knives online in Egypt


This website offers a large selection of high-quality knives, including chef's knives and more. You can conveniently purchase the products you need right from your computer at home or on your phone. This helps you to quickly get what you need without leaving your home.

chef knives online In Egypt, the land of pyramids and pharaohs, one can find a variety of high-quality knives. This online store offers a large selection of these products, including chef's knives and more. You can conveniently purchase the products you need right from your computer at home or on your phone. 

Chef knives set in Egypt

The chef knife is the most versatile stainless steel kitchen knife. It can be used to chop, dice, or mince vegetables and other food items for cooking. The blade of the knife is curved and its shape allows for rocking movements, which makes it ideal for chopping.

Damascus Chef Knives set in Egypt are classified as high-performance Japanese kitchen knives. They have huge advantages over other knives due to their durable nature and outstanding cutting performance.

Is the Damascus knife strong?

Yes, Damascus Chef Knives set in Egypt are very powerful and resistant. Its strength dates back to previous centuries when Damascus steel was used in swords. Since Damascus steel is very strong, thin, and sharp, it could easily be cut with one blow.

When it comes to the question "how strong is Damascus steel knife?", We cannot give a specific answer. Damascus chef knives use a variety of materials, which make them vary in strength.

Best chef knives in Egypt

If you're looking for the best chef knives in Egypt, this is a good place to start. These high-quality products will make kitchen work more enjoyable and efficient.

Most importantly, they offer a wide selection of knives, so you can get what you need without going out to a store.

This makes it convenient and easy to order from home or on your phone.

The best chef knives in Egypt are handcrafted, hammered several times, and engraved into a beautiful shape, which creates a wavy pattern on the blade. So we can say that Damascus knives are much stronger than normal carbon steel knives, which have smaller layers. Also, the Damascus knife does not bend easily.

Fishbone remover in Egypt

The fishbone remover is a kitchen utensil that has a long, curved metal handle and an oval-shaped head. The head contains prongs designed to grip onto the bones of a fish, allowing the user to easily remove them.

The blade's edge is typically serrated for a firm grip on bones and skin.

This tool can be used by chefs in restaurants or homes.

Fishbone can be dangerous if ingested and biting it while enjoying your delicious food can ruin the whole experience. This is why professional and home cooks in Egypt use a fishbone remover or fish bone tweezers to make sure all bones are carefully removed.

While it is possible to buy fish fillets at the store, many prefer to buy whole fresh fish and make their own fillets. The best fishbone remover in Egypt can help here. Yes, not only can you remove the bones with your fingers or a sharp knife, but you can also damage the delicate flesh of the fish.

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