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Posted on 07/25/2021 in Other

Introduction to End-to-end Warehousing Solution in India

Introduction to End-to-end Warehousing Solution in India

In the entire end-to-end procedure of supply chain management and End to End Warehousing Solution, logistics is just one activity. It involves everything straight from pick up, pack up, and delivery.

On that note, if you are thinking Why Should You Connect with a Logistics Company, you must first know about what exactly end-to-end logistics are.

What is end-to-end logistics?

End-to-end Logistics Warehousing Solutions make sure about the precise completion of work within the deadline. With proper end-to-end logistics planning, you don't need to worry. You can easily respond to any vehicle breakdowns, road disruptions, severe weather conditions, shortage of drivers, or port clashes and congestion. However, responding to these disruptions is just a part of the advantages that end-to-end logistics and supply chain companies in India provide.

Right from handling the complete warehouse, fleet, and depots to optimizing the supply chain, several companies provide a comprehensive end-to-end logistics package to retailers. Many companies provide add-on such as handling good customer service, fulfilling orders, and several value-added services including repacking the containers in smaller units.

With this, let us now look into how these trucking companies offer end-to-end logistics that are highly beneficial. With end-to-end logistics, owners can reduce the overall frictional loss encounters in the logistics and supply chain companies in India.

Advantages of end to end logistics

      Seamless sync: Each activity along with the entire import and export process including custom clearance, freight forwarding, JIT deliveries, warehousing management, inventory management, transportation at the port of loading(POL) as well as the port of delivery(POD) are successfully managed and operated in a smooth, seamless and organized manner that leads to rapid and hassle-free deliveries.


      Individual control tower: Being a customer, you don't require to follow up with numerous individuals that handle and manage the various log services. Instead, you can easily achieve a single report that displays complete transaction details or separately as per your convenience.


      Less prone to damage: One chief drawback of connecting with several agencies include damage and delay in delivery of goods. With an end-to-end warehousing solution, you will receive complete transparency. This means you get a commitment in quality, time, and quantity unless the consignment gets delivered. Reason? One power, one control.


      Transparency in information: By information, it means to keep the customer updated with their goods and services while it reaches them. This way, it builds a sense of transparency which makes customers feel at ease. It further ensures that the product will reach safely to their doorstep. Similarly in logistics, moving to inform from one freight forwarder to another can usually be quite disastrous. This further not leads to damage but creates imperfect and misaligned transparency. Analyzing the performance at each stage will cut down delays and inconvenience caused to customers


      Reduced manpower: If money spends on several logistics agencies is spend on an end-to-end logistics provider, companies can save huge manpower. They can later invest the extra saved amount on quality improvement.



With this, you now know what is end-to-end logistics and what are its advantages. Well, Express Roadways Private Limited is an excellent warehousing company in India that is endowed with all the prerequisites of being an ideal logistics company. Providing excellent services, ERPL is entirely dedicated to providing the best reliable transportation services.

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