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Interesting facts about using faux stone in interior decor

Interesting facts about using faux stone in interior decor

Faux stone is a decorative material made from a variety of materials that are impregnated, bonded with, or stencilled to resemble natural stone. It is most commonly seen as an interior decoration for both residential and commercial interior design using a thin layer of plaster on top of particle board, then veneered with thin sheets of synthetic stone.

For example, attractive Faux stone panels in Toronto, ON in marble finish can be created using a mixture of sand, gypsum and white paint to create the look without harmful effects.

What are the benefits of faux stone?

There are several benefits to using faux stone in Toronto versus natural stone tiles:

- Faux stones are nonporous, which means there's no risk of damage from minerals in the water.

- Faux stones are less expensive than natural stones. So if you need a long-lasting decor material for your home but are cost-conscious at the same time, we recommend you have a look at faux stones.

- The process of installing faux stones is easier, faster and less expensive than natural stone. But make sure you get professional installers to get the job done.

- Faux stones can weigh up to 30 percent less than natural stone tiles. This is especially useful for custom installations on ceilings where installation access is difficult, or weight restrictions are in place.

- Faux stone panels in Toronto are the perfect decorating material for carpets. They are waterproof and fade-resistant.

- The look produced by using faux stones can be customized at home.

These were some of the benefits of using faux stone in Toronto.

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