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Posted 02/03/2022 in 4 by Liftdex

Increase of body weight while exercising

With an increasing focus on maximizing the weight associated with the performance of the demanding tasks in predictable and potentially exercise environments, the weight of these external loads carried by weight lifters has been steadily increasing. Total weight of Tactical Vest external loads can range from approximately 14LB - 20LB and 25LB - 30LB for the general lifters. This upward trend in carried loads is due not only to the increasing complexity of modern tactical engagements, but also to the increased emphasis on improving. 

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The wide variety of loads and test conditions, simulated functional task circuit, graded treadmill testing, physical fitness testing and running tasks resulted in heterogeneous results across exercise considered in the physiological category. 

Additionally, the available research in this category did not always use comparable outcome measures – for example, research used related but distinct measures of cardiovascular strain, pulmonary strain, body temperature and heart rate. With this variability in outcome measures likely contributing to the observed variability in findings, specific conclusions that can be drawn from this review about physiological effects of wearing body Armour are limited. 

Notwithstanding, the included research, which analyzed the effectiveness of exercise with tactical plate carrier, pulmonary function, blood lactate levels, did indicate overall that workload increased when wearing body Armour, and this is not surprising since body Armour adds load. 

Therefore, the substantial data reported in review, as well as the effective data researched and related outcome measures including balance, time to complete tasks, uniqueness of weightlifting and other relevant measures reported in the included that all indicate that wearing body Armour results in additional increases in exertion when exercise perform physically demanding tasks, and this finding is consistent with workout routine. 

Wearing body Armour 

Tactical plates carrier can cause your heart rate to vault up way faster, but it also makes it quite difficult to breathe. Most individual can’t handle this and start to panic, Seed-man points out. But, he adds, learning to stay calm when you can’t quite breathe normally can become an exercise in improving autonomic nervous function and learning how to activate your parasympathetic system to counter that fight-or-flight response “anonymous. “Plate carrier load weight directly to your shoulders and upper body, meaning they’re especially taxing for your respiratory muscles—the diaphragm. 

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