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IJ.START CANON | ij.start.canon - Set Up Canon IJ Printer

Start printing the quality documents with Canon inkjet printer and download the setup from ij.start canon to start printing. You can get help from the official support site to set up the Canon printer. ij.start.canon allows you to gain most printing features from Canon products. Canon inkjet printers are user-friendly and can be used for home and business purposes. 

Accomplish the Canon ij setup installation through ij.start.canon and get outstanding results from your Canon printer. 

Download and Install Canon Printer Drivers through ij.start canon

Canon drivers can be downloaded and install to set up the Canon ij printer completely. Here are steps that show you how to download canon printer software on your system; 

  1. Ensure your system and Canon printer is connected to the same internet connection, and see if the Canon IJ printer hardware is set up.
  2. Now, open your system web browser and go to ij.start.canon website through a web address. Its offered by Canon support officials to guide the user.
  3. Once you jump to the ij start canon page, click on the “Set Up (Start Here)” option and enter the canon printer model number or choose from the given list.
  4. It will take you to the next page, where you’ll need to ensure the right system like Windows or PC is selected on top of the page.
  5. Once you see the Download option at ij.start.canon for Canon ij printer setup, choose the option to download on your PC and wait for Canon printer drivers to download.
  6. Finally, after downloading from ij.start.canon, locate the Canon IJ setup, and double-click on the software file to start ij canon installation. Follow instructions displaying on the system screen to complete the installation. 
  7. During the canon ij printer setup installation, if you have a USB cable, connect it; otherwise, you can choose the wireless connection option to finish the process.

Download Canon Printer Driver For Free

After you are done setting up your printer, you need to download the Canon Printer Drivers. It is necessary to download and install the printer driver as all your printing functions are performed with it. From commanding to printing, everything is done via a printer driver. It plays a crucial role throughout the printing process. 

The driver software is available at no cost and can be downloaded from multiple Canon platforms. Among various platforms, “ij.start.canon” is the most feasible. To know the download process in detail, you must take a look at the given instructions.

  1. To download the printer driver, the primary step is to visit the printer driver webpage. This requires you to launch the secure internet browser followed by entering “ij.start.canon” in the address bar. When you are done entering the URL, move to your keyboard, and press the “Enter” key. As you do so, you will be redirected to the printer drivers webpage.
  2. From the home page of ij.start.canon, press the uppermost tab i.e. “canon printer setup” tab.
  3. Now, the product window will come into view. Canon offers different ij.start.canon printer drivers for different models of its printer. Hence, you need to find the Canon Printer Driver compatible with your purchase. So, you have to fill the search field with the model name of your Canon printer.
  4. By pressing the “Go” tab, you will be taken to your model window with the download link.
  5. Before you step ahead, you need to check and make sure that you are downloading the compatible ij.start.canon printer driver. To make the appropriate selection, click the OS tab placed on the upper-right corner.
  6. Now, come back and click the “Download” tab from the middle of the screen. The download will begin as you click the link. You are suggested to wait for say 1-2 minutes until the download gets completed. The time for download might change as per the speed of your network connection.
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