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Posted 11/19/2022 by Centralbiohub

Ideal Influenza samples for testing

Ideal Influenza samples for testing

Influenza is a severe respiratory infection brought on by influenza viruses of types A, B, C and D. Every year, millions of people are impacted by what is often known as the seasonal flu. Influenza virus is a type of RNA virus belonging to the Orthomyxoviridae family. Also, Influenza viruses vary in their antigenic characteristics for Influenza virus types A, B, and C. So far, major historical catastrophic epidemics have been associated with the outbreak of Influenza viruses A and B. As influenza viruses constantly evolve by mutation, continuous research is crucial to discover novel flu vaccines and medicines to curb infection outbreaks and spread. In-vitro research on human biospecimens collected from suspected or infected Influenza patients helps continue the advanced research.

What are the types of influenza samples collected 

If a person is admitted to the hospital with evidence of pneumonia and lower respiratory tract infection (RTI) and is suspicious of flu symptoms or Influenza-like illnesses, it is crucial to perform laboratory examination on various specimens collected from the patient to confirm the illness. The following are the appropriate samples required for influenza testing:

  • Upper respiratory tract specimens: Nasopharyngeal swabs (Most preferred), nasal swabs, nasal aspirate, throat swabs, viral culture, a combination of nasal swab with an oropharyngeal swab

  • Lower respiratory tract specimens: Tracheal aspirate in intubated patients, Bronchial wash, and bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL)

Discover superior-quality Influenza Samples Online.

It’s the start of another seasonal outbreak of flu. Innovative Influenza research is advancing worldwide to curb the spread of Influenza in endemic regions. Human biospecimens isolated from influenza patients are extremely useful for understanding viral infection biology and genomics, immune system response to infection, and epidemiology.

Central BioHub contains millions of high-quality, well-annotated human biospecimens gathered ethically from patients with confirmed influenza infection of all ages, genders, and ethnicities, igniting the way to lead ongoing drug and diagnostic research on Influenza. It provides human serum and plasma specimens of donors with influenza A and Influenza B infections that have been thoroughly examined for anti-influenza-A IgG/IgM, anti-influenza-B IgG/IgM, and Parainfluenza. Visit their inventory to learn more details about the influenza samples in this influenza season: https://centralbiohub.de/blogs/soon-influenza-season-will-be-back

A significant benefit of Central BioHub is its global distribution network. It guarantees the cost-effective and highly secure delivery of ordered research samples to your location. The next-generation platform for purchasing and selling human biospecimens is Central BioHub. Discover it right away at https://centralbiohub.de/

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