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How to Renovate a Small Kitchen: Tips and Mistakes

How to Renovate a Small Kitchen: Tips and Mistakes

Let's talk about how best to make repairs in a small kitchen because it is a special place where things are pronounced by themselves that cannot be expressed in the same living room. It attracts family members with its cozy atmosphere, the enveloping aroma of the coffee, and delicious pies. We will make this room beautiful, modern and stylish according to your wishes.

Usually, when the size of the kitchen is small, it must be very functional. That is why it is important to consider the following:

  • convenience and expediency of the chosen arrangement of furniture and equipment

  • when determining the color, it should be remembered that fat is sprayed during cooking, steam appears and humidity rises

  • it is better to select materials and furniture that are easy to clean and resistant to moisture

How to start renovating a small kitchen?

Initially, a sketch of the future kitchen is drawn up, which will speed up the solution of the issue with the choice of a color palette, accessories, and, in general, the placement of furnishings. Next, the required amount of materials is calculated. The help of professionals is a more correct option since they will indicate the need to replace sockets or electrical wires, work out the versions of water supply and drainage, and make other necessary calculations. The next stage is the analysis of floors, ceilings, removal of old communications, installation of proper ventilation. Replace windows if necessary.

Then they carry out new pipes, put partitions, level the surface of the walls, ceiling, and floor.

Ceiling decoration can include the installation of a variety of suspended structures made of plasterboard, panels, or slabs, installation of a stretch ceiling. The most economical option is to use water-based, water-repellent paint. All that remains is to choose the best version that's right for you.

The floor covering must be made of waterproof materials, therefore, natural stone, tiles, or linoleum are used for these purposes. Kitchen walls also need to be water-resistant. For the working area, it is better to use tiles, washable wallpaper, tiles, or laminate are allowed.

After all the layers of finishing material applied to the surface have dried sufficiently and fixed, we proceed to the installation of the kitchen furniture and appliances directly.

Correct lighting plays an important role. Fluorescent lamps on hanging cabinets will increase the comfort of the hostess when working with appliances. You can hang a lamp over the dining table. In high rooms, the so-called multi-level lighting has a spectacular appearance. The final stage is the arrangement of accessories that will give your kitchen a unique look, make it the most comfortable and cozy.

When creating a layout for each kitchen, you need to remember that the most important thing in this room is the working triangle:

  • Stove

  • Fridge

  • Sink  

These items should be located as close as possible to each other. Thus, we have more or less decided on a work plan and know where to start repairs. Other details are at the mercy of the imagination and the size of the customer's wallet. Next, consider the options for repairing a small kitchen.

Stylish solutions in the renovation of a small kitchen

There are a huge number of design styles in decoration and architecture. You can list them for a long time, but note the main ones:

  • Classical

  • Modern

  • Minimalism

  • High tech

  • Ethnic style

  • Rococo

  • Baroque

Styles are distinguished, which some refer to as independent types, while others refer to trends within the chosen style. For example, Victorian, colonial, shabby chic, each of which has its own distinctive features.

When designing, you can give preference to almost any direction, if you beat it correctly. Happy owners of impeccable taste can present even an eclectic mix of styles as a fresh and unusual mix. However, it is safer to opt for the design you like in a single spirit.

It's fair to say that certain styles are rarely used when modeling kitchens. For example, shabby chic, baroque and rococo, due to their impracticality and low functionality, look more harmonious in bedrooms or living rooms.

Design ideas for renovating a small kitchen

In small rooms, the technique is very effective when the entire height of the wall is used for auxiliary storage modules, they merge with the wall and visually disappear. Place rarely used utensils and food supplies on the upper shelves and everything that you may need often on the lower ones. For the same purpose, kitchen cabinets choose colors like walls, even if they are deep, dark colors: thanks to this, the boundaries are visually erased, the room looks larger than it really is.

Cabinets with transparent doors will help to create a weightless, spacious kitchen, provided they are filled correctly and in detail, otherwise it is easy to achieve the opposite effect. Simply open shelves and shelves work on the same principle, and even partial use of them will make the kitchen seem roomy. Light and elegant furniture help to visually relieve space: transparent chairs, glass tabletops, graceful legs of bar stools. Massive and bulky items, on the other hand, will look heavy.

Recently, multifunctional furniture, or, as it is also called, transforming furniture, is very popular and in demand, since it combines the functions of several very different household items: folding chairs, sliding tables, or portable tables on wheels play the role of a working surface and serve as auxiliary storage modules. So, when planning a small kitchen renovation, choose a simple style with a minimum of detail. 

Lighting is one of the key points when working with small spaces. Make the most of daylight: opt for light-colored curtains or roman blinds. Use several different light sources: hang a large lamp over the table, integrate LED lighting into the cabinets, install separate chandeliers above the tabletop or bar.

The dream of a kitchen island can be realized if it is functionally combined with a dining table. Portable chairs or ottomans quickly disappear under the countertop, and the required working area increases. With proper zoning and expansion of the usable area, you can transform any room, making the most convenient and comfortable interior.

Common mistakes in renovating small kitchens

Knowing the most common mistakes will allow you to eliminate shortcomings even at the planning stage because in a small room even a minor mistake can ruin the whole project.

Massive furniture

It seems to be impossible, but sometimes the owners of small kitchens opt for a country or Provence-style set. Order furniture made from light and practical materials, give up natural wood products.

Natural marble

They resort to it for use as a work surface material, considering that it ennobles the room. Regardless, be aware of its ability to weigh down the appearance of the kitchen, as well as the porous structure of the material, which will complicate the cleaning process.


Mosaic doesn't always look stylish and original. It will make a small room visually narrow. An exception is if the pattern matches the color of the headset and walls. Let's say your walls are white and your furniture is light brown. The mosaic should combine only two colors - white and brown.

Wooden table

This is a practical thing, but it is better to opt for a small round or square table with a glass top, so as not to burden the look of the room.

Wide drawers

As a rule, at the sight of them, the thought arises: large means roomy. In fact, they are not entirely functional. If you force them with kitchen utensils, then later it will be difficult to find the right thing. Models with several small drawers are much more convenient.

Open shelves instead of drawers

Despite the fact that they visually increase the space, it is more comfortable and faster to find something in a closed box. By the way, you can make the room wider and higher if you fill one of the walls from floor to ceiling with cabinets and drawers.

Bad light

It is best to combine natural and artificial light. Its abundance will make the room larger, so we increase the intensity due to additional sources of light, for example, above the working and dining areas, under hanging cabinets, etc.

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