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Posted 09/13/2022 by Muabomb HomeDecor

How to Create the Perfect Table Setting


With the holidays right around the corner, many people wonder how to create the perfect table setting. Whether it’s your turn to host “Friendsgiving,” or you’re throwing the first dinner party in your new abode, you want to create a table setting that shows how much you value your guests!


Table setting is important no matter how you’re serving the meal. Buffet-style, family-style, and individually served meals will all taste amazing with or without a proper table setting, especially with such great company around. However, a properly set table contributes to the ambiance - it offers a certain warmth that a stack of plates and cup of silverware simply can’t. 

How to Set a Table

Below, we cover both basic and casual table settings. 


Basic Table Setting

Basic table settings are perfect for weekly dinners, or large gatherings that you want to keep as simple as possible. This layout doesn’t account for a wine glass and only includes a single plate. As such, it’s perfect for events with one food course and non-alcoholic beverages.


You will need:


How to Set a Basic Table

  1. Lay placemat on table and position dinner plate in the center
  2. Fold napkin and place on the left side of the plate
  3. Place form on top of the napkin
  4. Place the knife to the right of the plate, and the spoon to the right of the knife
  5. Place water glass to the right of the plate, in between the plate and the fork. If the plate is a clock, the glass should be at 1 o’clock.
  6. Check that the cutlery and bottom of the plate are all aligned.


If you want to make your basic table setting feel a little fancier, you can place fabric napkins with a ring on top of the plate.


Casual Table Setting

Although this is a casual table setting, it can certainly be used for semi-formal events, like double-date dinner parties, birthday brunch, or an intimate holiday dinner with your parents. Generally, casual table settings require only the tableware you plan to use. For example, you don’t need to set out a bowl if there isn’t any soup! 


For a complete casual table setting, you will need everything for a basic table, plus:


How to Set a Casual Table

  1. Follow all instructions for a basic table setting
  2. Place a salad plate on top of the dinner plate (consider of the dinner set)
  3. Place a soup bowl on top of the salad plate
  4. Place a wine glass slightly to the left of the water glass


You can elevate this table setting by placing an elegant charger underneath the dinner plate 


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