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Posted 01/20/2022 in 4 by Liftdex

How My Workout Exercise Started

How My Workout Exercise Started

I started my workout exercise during my days in the higher institution when we heard that there will be a competition in all the departments. Being that brave and unique student, I started to figure out how to overcome the situation, I asked what will be the goal and the exercise equipment needed for the competition. I got some information related to the competition skills which imply to be of Gym Equipment. Looking around the institution, many people have engaged with the current gym center and are flooded with the student. It came to my mind to contact my business friend who stays around the campus but I hardly visit him, I asked him if he knew any gym center for exercise. 

He said he owns Home Gym Equipment right in his house. I was amazed at the outcome of our conversation, instantly I explained to him what is upcoming in the institution, he said he is away from the competition and he know about the organizers, wow I said. Quickly I ran to his home and to my grates surprise, and for my first time to come across gym equipment at home with unique installation and standard machines. I asked him, how come you acquire all this gym equipment, why did you go this far to lay your hands on this. He said he derives joy from seeing his home with quality gym equipment and seeing his children and lovely wife exercise along with him. He also said through this gym equipment, they have lived a healthy life, no illness, no medication, no doctor prescription, and it helps me to maintain friends around.

It was a very unique environment and after our discussion, he offered me a chance to exercise with him from his home anytime I desire and from that day, I started exercising and become a lover of fitness exercisers.

The day of the competition was rescheduled to take place next semester due to the examination that is about to take place. May students advocate for the competition to take place come next section because of examination and the organizers shifted the competition next semester to balance the event of the student. 

It was a huge opportunity for me to excel through the period of time. My far at the initial was how to fit into workout exercise, now my friend offers me the opportunity to exercise through his home gym equipment, now another fear was the closer of the event and how to go about it and the student advocate for the date to be shift which came to my favor and other students who desire such. Looking at the way things were moving, I see the hand of God moving things to my favor. 

I started exercising from my friend's home and with his consistent and resilient coach, I turnout exercising often and grow my body within a short period. Most of my friends in school were like, how come you are adding up every day, how come you grow more muscle and look more huge than ever before, how come you hardly been seen in the morning but during reading time, you surface. I explained to them the importance of the competition ahead. Most of them ask to join me at my friend's Gym Equipment center, I disagree and give them a reason which all of us understood. 

After the examination, the institution gave only three weeks for resumption. Meaning that the competition is around the corner and it will last for two weeks within the entire school. After the resumption, every department of the institution appoint their representation to the upcoming competition and I was among the people selected. 

Getting to the deal day, the competition started with different exercise techniques comprising of different gym equipment, gym machines, exclusive and standard equipment. To my grates surprise, my friend whom I exercise in his home was among the officials who supervise the event and how this is done within. I was shocked but was relieved a bit. After all the competition and events, my department came second in many skills and the most winning skill was lifting a piece of weighted equipment that ranged from 650kg from a Squat Rack while you lay on the gym bench. 

Finally, result shows that my department won most second position, and for that fact, and seen the top competition which is a squat rack, my department was able to come first, the organization gave my department the winner of the event with a price tag. 

The above article was how I started exercising with gym equipment and since then, I have been a lover of workout equipment. I encourage you today to make out time and exercise, it helps and keeps you stronger, younger and smarter. 

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