How my Friend Build a home gym

How my Friend Build a home gym

One of my friends “Rollings” happened to be a student but he desired to exercise while he can not afford the exercise equipment. One day he came around my home for a workout routine, He ask, what is the cost of building a piece of standard gym equipment that looks exactly like mine. I started laughing, he was confused that I laughed. I told him that exercising equipment looks huge in the eyes of exercisers and individuals but the cost of the equipment is expensive but I worked through the situation to overcome it.

I said to him, that during my starting time, I was so desperate to own a home gym. But my fear was how to go about it because it looks huge and expensive. I mate a manufacturer in Dubai “Liftdex Strength & Equipment”, this company helped me to work through the process of being a home gym owner. They manufactured all types of exercise equipment both for home gyms and commercial gyms.

They gave me a brochure to choose the equipment That I need. I was like, this machine a huge, I can’t pay for it. The sales representative said I should go ahead and that the company handles clients in different ways depending on the client’s budgets. I was nervous about his thought but I went ahead to know the real price of the equipment knowing fully well that I can’t afford it.

After the list, the saleswoman went in and brought the price which was ranging to $15,000 I was like this is huge money for exercise equipment. Meanwhile, I did not pick high equipment considering the huge treadmill I was scared of the cost. But after my selections, the amount was huge.

I was afraid but the woman understood and ask me if I work out at any exercise center. I was like why asking me such a question, it has nothing to do with our discussion (in my mind). I responded to her, yes, she ask if I subscribed for the membership fee, I said yes. She asks how much is monthly free. They charge around $350, she said I should give her one minute.

She went inside her office and came out, she said $350 x 12 = $4,200. She asks me can I subscribe to her company with the same amount for the membership fee and pay for 3 years. The exercise equipment will be delivered to my doorstep as soon as I deposit and sign the contract. I was like how do you mean?

She said they have a different way to keep their customers so that business will flow for those who have cash and those without cash.

She suggested since I don’t have the cash, I pay for a gym membership every month, I can do the same fee and have my gym equipment in my home and pay installments.

It was a huge breakthrough for me, I told her I can pay $500 every month since I can afford it without stress. She said okay. I signed an agreement with the above company. I made some deposit, and after two days, the said equipment was brought to my home. Do you know what, They delivered by themselves, with installation? From the agreement, it was written with 5 years warranty.

After that day I stopped exercising with commercial exercise equipment. My friend Rollings was very excited over the process he said I should share the contact of this company with him.

After one week, Rollings became a home gym owner with quality equipment from the said company.

Conclusion: You can make ways out if you are determined. They are companies with a human heart and they are willing to assist your dream to reality. Most people refused to make move. As my friend Rollings did, He knew very well that most exercise equipment cost huge money and he was like how come I did this to have a treadmill within my home. He made a drastic move and achieve his goals. You can do the same if only you can stand and make a move today.

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