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Posted 11/03/2022 by Anduril retail pvt ltd

How Important Is Sexual Life For A Woman?

Many women see sexuality as the most profound form of love and bonding, and many women are highly sexually-oriented. For many women, especially women over the age of 40 or going through menopause, physical lust is not a major motivator for sexual activity. Most women really enjoy having sex, but the desire can be easily derailed by fatigue, by feelings of hurt, or by the physiological challenges of grief or menopause. Sex makes a woman feel desired by a partner, especially when it is not of the fast-paced variety.


Good sex increases the confidence of men and women; it makes them feel wanted and loved. Sex feels good, and you look great doing it, but it can also lift the mood, and has been shown to lower depression. After a long day, sex is a great way to relax; it can even help you sleep more quickly. In a recent study, many women admitted that not only is sex a way to feel close to your partner, it is a big stress reliever.


Why Women Need Sex beacuase sex reduces anxiety and stress, as well as makes women feel fulfilled. Building a foundation is essential for pleasurable sex, and women become enthusiastic about having sex when they feel deep, lasting connections with their men.


Sex makes me feel closer to my partner, physically and emotionally, says Meghan Fleming. Sex also releases all of those feel-good hormones, including oxytocin and dopamine, which boost feelings of bonding and closeness. Regular sex with a partner also promotes a sense of body contact, and that is essential to growing as a couple.you can consider sex toys for couple like rope bondage and bdsm toys will help you add some spice in your relationship.


This research suggests sex may be a good cardiovascular workout for both younger men and women. Other studies published in Health & Social Behavior have found that sex reduces the risk of high blood pressure in midlife and older women. One study with 10 years of follow-up reported that men who had frequent orgasms, defined as two or more per week, had 50 percent less mortality than men who had less frequent sex researcher also recommended using female sexual toys like vibrator & dildo which is perfect toys for vagina to stimulate G-spot for better orgasm.


Recent studies of sexual health in Iran suggest women suffer from worse sexual functioning.About a quarter of women (23%) said the lack of sexual performance was due to physical problems in the partners, while 11% of women blamed physical problems themselves. Some women said life was too complex to find time for sex: Eight percent said their partners were too tired to have sex, while nine percent of women said they were too tired for sex, too.


Others identified mental health and substance use problems as reasons they did not have sex. Rita DSouza, a journalist married more than two years, said, For women, sex works both ways after a long day at work: It can alleviate stress, but also cause it.

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