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Posted 09/28/2023 by Sphinx Solutions

How Chatbots Can be a Game Changer for Educational Mobile Apps?

How Chatbots Can be a Game Changer for Educational Mobile Apps?

Are you planning to launch an educational app featuring Casper chatbot? Staying updated with the latest technology is crucial when you are aiming to launch your mobile app. As Artificial Intelligence, especially chatbots like Casper, is rapidly changing the eLearning and education sphere, it opens a whole new atmosphere for you to solve the pain areas of your audience actively.

Here is everything you need to know about how to integrate a chatbot on your web and mobile educational apps to open a new way of learning and disseminating information.


Being a computer program, chatbot is designed to stimulate a conversation in natural language via auditory or textual methods with the users, based on business rules and data of the organization. It has become widespread as it is now present in our lives in the form of helpful tools. It retrieves information, provides support, and even helps with learning processes.

The application of chatbots in the field of education, especially in edtech app development, has shown compelling potential as an administrative and teaching tool. Chatbot development has been buzzing for a few years, and now it requires all the attention from educational institutions and startups to unleash its true potential.

Though most of the institutions are still skeptical about the potential of chatbots, however, they have slowly started experimenting to check the feasibility, and scalability of the chatbot function. The increased process efficiency like 24/7 support service is one of the reasons to lean towards chatbot.

Benefits of implementing chatbots on education apps
 ● Unconventional teaching techniques
 ● 24/7 assistance
 ● Gather 360-degree feedback
 ● Reach more students anytime

How to use chatbots for education?

There is a whole new world to explore while talking about chatbots other than helping teachers and students. From administrative work to service staff, chatbot development can support different departments to work efficiently.

● University bot
 Finding the right university can be hectic, especially if it is in a different region. The university bot plays a major role in simplifying the university search for the students and help them to know how they can take admission.

● Chatbot for educational courses
 Selecting the right course often gives nightmares to the students. Chatbot for educational courses can help aspiring students to enroll in the right course.
Last year, Oracle provided an AI-based bot solution to the University of Adelaide that helps the students to choose the right course. This chatbot checks the ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) score of the students by using deep learning-based natural language to offer them personalized responses.
 With the success of this project, the university plan to implement more chatbots to scale service delivery and improve the student experience.

● Chatbot for Online Business Course
 If you are running an eLearning platform, reaching out to international students and responding on time must have been a major concern to you. Chatbot for online courses can help you with issues like capturing lead data, engaging customer service, or disseminating information around the clock.

● Chatbot for teaching
Though chatbots are already being used for classroom teaching, natural language processing technology opens an array of intelligent tutoring systems. Teachers can quickly turn the lecture in a series of messages to make it look like a conversation. Also, bots can answer the queries about the modules, lesson plans, assignments, and deadlines after classes.
 Besides, there are chatbots that help users to learn languages. So, learning is not restricted to classrooms anymore; rather, the creation of chatbot has taken the learning process to the next level by offering 24/7 accessibility.

● Chatbot for Online Reputation Management
 Educational institutes can introduce chatbots as a PR tool to take advantage of user engagement. When the volume of queries is exceptionally high, this medium can improve the overall brand image of the institution by creating a direct connection with the prospective students to stay connected.

The perception of chatbot has started changing among the users.

How can a chatbot boost education apps?

● Chatbots can be easily accessible in a messaging app; for example, you can deploy your institution chatbot over your Facebook messenger or WhatsApp for potential students to use it.

● Chatbot app development is faster and less expensive to develop & deploy. Designing a website or mobile app supported with a chatbot will help your institution to reach out to more prospects.

● Natural Language Processing provides a better customer service experience.


From redefining online counseling services to boosting admission marketing, we are likely to see more usage of chatbots in the education sector. In this era of technology-driven competition, you have to treat your chatbot as a powerful & flexible tool. You can also include chatbot capabilities in other technology for achieving better results.

Consider this article as a guide, and I hope it helps you while discussing the chatbot development process with a chatbot development company.

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