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Posted 11/24/2022 by Quality Diam

How Are Uncut Diamonds Valued?

When buying jewellery, most people opt for cut and sparkling diamonds, however what about uncut diamonds? They are typically more affordable per carat than cut diamonds because cutting is a time-consuming and costly operation. An uncut diamond is a gemstone that has not been polished or shaped into a specific shape by a skilled cutter. Typically, those uncut diamonds whose grade is sufficient to enable them to be acceptable for jewellery are transported to be shaped by jewellery experts after they are extracted.


Low-quality stones are frequently employed in the industry due to their intrinsic characteristics.


What Affects an Uncut Diamond's Significance?


We may examine what gives uncut diamond jewellery greater or less cost by understanding how diamonds are shaped and evaluated, as well as how smooth diamonds are appreciated:


  • Diamond Purity in Uncut Form


This attribute, as previously established, refers to the quantity and prominence of a diamond's inherent defects.


Uncut diamonds with fewer obvious imperfections are worth more than those with more obvious defects.


  • Uncut Diamonds' Shades


The majority of diamonds that are extracted have a yellow or brown shade, and the more prominent it is, the less expensive the diamond is.


The value of diamonds increases with decreasing colour visibility. Due to their rarity and high demand, colourless diamonds are incredibly expensive.


  • Diamond Weight in Carats


The weight of a diamond is measured in carats, and larger stones often have a higher value because they are more unique.


Larger carat uncut diamonds, however, are not necessarily more costly than lower carat diamonds.


A rough diamond's greater carat weight may not create it more desirable than a tiny, smoother stone if it has numerous obvious imperfections that must be removed.


The form of the rough piece is another consideration, determining whether it can yield a large cleaned stone or whether the resultant stones would likely be more numerous but tinier.


When provided with a piece of uncut diamond, the cutter will attempt to create one or multiple diamonds that are as free of faults as possible, while maintaining each stone's dimensions as closely as is practical to the optimum and creating the largest diamonds feasible.

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