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Posted on 05/01/2021 in Food

Homemade Tofu Bites are a Perfect Snack

Homemade Tofu Bites are a Perfect Snack

Eating healthy is the best way to feel better and help ward off disease, and it's why the nutritional benefits of tofu are so much in the news these days. Order some from your favorite store for online Asian groceries and try this recipe. Crispy tofu bites are a winner because it overcomes the texture and (bland) flavor drawbacks of tofu in its original state. What you'll be doing is cooking up the tofu in a way that makes the outside crispy and flavorful while the inside stays tender. You can also glaze the bites in a sauce for extra flavor. Then you'll have your family snacking on a healthier homemade alternative.

It's fun and easy to make your own crispy tofu snacks at home, and watch out for tips from professional chefs to make them outstanding. Here's one idea you can put to use right away: when you want to make tofu crispy, always drain salt and pat it dry with paper towels before you cook it. Bring your frying oil to a high temperature before tossing in the tofu cubes; it will make the outside super crisp. Coating the outside with your flavor glaze when it's hot and fresh out of the frying pan helps the tofu absorb flavorings without going soggy. For a great sauce, add ginger, garlic, and black pepper for flavor.

If you're a tofu connoisseur, you already know that tofu comes in various sizes, shapes, and textures. To make your crispy tofu bites recipes come out perfectly, experienced chefs advise you to buy a specific texture: medium-firm. It's the type that will crisp up the best. Also, for your snack recipe, you'll be cutting it into cubed pieces, and medium-firm will cut up more easily. Once you have your cubes cut, you'll want to coat them with salt to draw out the moisture. Make the sauce a sweet-savory flavor. You'll want to include soy sauce and lovely aromatics like ginger, garlic, black pepper, and possibly mirin.   

When it's time to fry your tofu cubes, you'll want to have about two inches of oil in the bottom of a heavy pot. The ideal cooking temperature is around 360 degrees F. You'll want to pat the tofu dry with a paper towel first and always drop it in with tongs to avoid splashing or burns. The frying time is generally five to six minutes, and you'll want to keep a close watch. It's done when it's no longer sticking to the pot and golden brown on all sides. Once it's ready, transfer the tofu cubes to a bowl with the sauce and mix or toss together gently. Sprinkling the sop with sesame seeds makes it look finished and adds flav

Posted by Karman Foods
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