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Helpful Tips to Get Used to Wearing Braces

Helpful Tips to Get Used to Wearing Braces

It is common knowledge that wearing braces can cause discomfort. The wires will pull your teeth and force them to shift in the right direction. The brackets can chafe against the inside of the mouth. These can cause gum pain and mouth sores.

It’s normal to feel pain during the first few days of Wearing braces in Vancouver, BC but you should know that it will eventually wear off. You will eventually get used to them and it won’t be as discomfiting anymore. But here are some of the things that you can do to get used to wearing braces much faster:

1. Soothe discomforts with lukewarm water or a saltwater solution

If you have swollen gums, try soothing them by using lukewarm water. Gargle with lukewarm water and it will help ease up the inflammation a bit. A saltwater rinse can also help in preventing mouth sores. Just mix some salt in lukewarm water and use this like how you would use a commercial gargle.

2. Take those painkillers

The dentist will prescribe painkillers that will help in alleviating the discomfort. Don’t hesitate to take them round-the-clock for the first few days as prescribed.

3. Cut your food into smaller sizes

Eating will be a challenge during those first few days of having braces. You can make that easier by preparing soft foods first. You can also cut your food up into smaller sizes to make them easier to chew.

It’s better to let yourself experience some of the discomforts during the first few days. That will help you get used to the braces much faster. However, if it still feels painful or there are wires poking holes in your mouth, you can go back to your dentist and have it adjusted. Talk to dentists from Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics to learn more.

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