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Guide to Finding a Pet Friendly Neighborhood for your New Home

Guide to Finding a Pet Friendly Neighborhood for your New Home

Finding a suitable property and moving into it is quite a big deal as you need to focus on a number of things to ensure that everyone in the family is happy and comfortable. While we have endless discussions about the needs and wants of the members of the household, the needs of the pets in the family must also not be overlooked. In fact, special care must be taken to ensure that our four legged companions are absolutely comfortable and happy in their new surroundings. 

 As a pet store owner, I get to talk to many pet parents and I have come across one major concern that most pet parents have. Most of them complain about the locality where they live not being pet friendly and the lack of amenities for pets. The other day however, another pet parent told me about the parameters they have been keeping in mind while scouting for BHK Flats for sale in Maheshtala, so their German Shepherd Cooper too could have a wonderful life in the new home. I quickly wrote down the points and here I am sharing them with my readers.

Here’s a guide to finding a pet friendly neighborhood:

Check out the community guidelines for pets: 

While in Kolkata most big residential complexes do not have stringent guidelines for pets, standalone apartments and smaller societies may have certain restrictions regarding the breed of the dog. Many residential units do not permit keeping big dogs like the German Shepherds, Great Danes, Bull Mastiffs etc. Having said that, restrictions or no, the rules regarding proper disposal of dog or cat excrement remains the same and you are always expected to help with maintaining proper hygiene within the residential complex.  

Sidewalks and the neighborhood: 

If you are a pet parent you must always try to ensure that the neighborhood you are buying your home in is not as noisy and busy. In fact whether you are scouting for 3 BHK Flats for sale in Budge Budge or those in Maheshtala, remember to critically assess the neighborhood by visiting the area at peak traffic hours as that will give you a fair idea of how noisy the place can be. Also, you must try to ensure that the place has nice sidewalks which can give enough room to you and your pet for a nice leisurely walk. 

Availability of Vets, Pet Clinics and stores: 

As a pet parent you must always ensure that there is a vet or a pet clinic close to your place of residence as just like your children, the pets too may need immediate medical attention at times. Presence of pet clinics nearby is important as you definitely cannot be running to the supermarket whenever you need something urgently for your beloved pet.

Dog Parks: 

Most urban metropolises and even Kolkata has parks in every locality but what you need to find out is whether your pets are allowed in those parks in the neighborhood. For a family with a pet an ideal neighborhood would be one where there is a dog park where your furry friend can freely run around, play and socialize.

Know thy neighbor: 

Yes, for pet parents, some prior knowledge about the attitude of their immediate neighbors towards pets can be quite handy. People who do not appreciate keeping pets like dogs and cats can turn out to be a great nuisance to families with pets. As such, it is always good to know ‘thy neighbor’ before buying a house.

Therefore, as pet parents you must try to ensure that the locality you are planning to buy a house in is compassionate towards animals as only then can you expect to enjoy a happy and comfortable life there with your complete family. 

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