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Posted 09/18/2023 by Brian Tremel

Few Popular Features That You Should Install In Your New Kitchen

Few Popular Features That You Should Install In Your New Kitchen

Planning a remodel for your new kitchen is both intimidating and exciting for a lot of people. The first thing that kitchen designers will ask their clients is how they visualize the kitchen they are dreaming of. Most people want to have a kitchen that is diverse and is based on their specific lists. Below are the most common specifications that clients want:


It is very typical for a lot of people to dream of having an island in their kitchen. Kitchen Islands are always the focal point of any kitchen. It should be big enough for some food preparation, extra seating, and extra storage.

However, some kitchens are not large enough to accommodate the work needed to be done. Luckily for those who want to have islands in their houses but have small kitchens, there are available options that you can choose from.

The first option is to try and rethink the depth of your kitchen island. Not all kitchen islands need to have seating. Some of them simply function as another surface to work on and perhaps some storage below it. 

The second option you can choose is to have a small center island. This is to help make it easier to walk around the kitchen. One of the key components you should remember is the work aisle clearances. Sometimes, the space in your kitchen means only the smallest type of center island is needed.


A lot of people want to have a lot of storage in their new kitchen. With the arrival of big-box storage, most kitchen products have become larger and are usually bought in bulk. Depending on the space of the kitchen you have to work on, there are a lot of possible ways to include this in your kitchen.

The first one is to have a sliding-door pantry. Not all kitchen storage is for food. Most people need to store dishes, appliances, and glassware. A translucent sliding glass door is a good option so that the things needed are easily seen.

Another type of storage you can put in your kitchen is a walk-in pantry. This type of storage is only for those people who have extra space in their kitchen. This is a good choice for those people who are not usually organized.

Another option you can choose is to reconfigure your kitchen closet. You can add shelves or even roll-outs inside the closet. You should also consider putting a new door with glass to characterize it from other closets.

The last option you can choose is to have a tall cabinet that has a roll-out shelf. This is a good way to add storage to a new cabinet. This will also help you to not guess what’s behind the supplies, you can just pull it out of the cabinet to see.

Kitchen Dining

Most people want to have a place to eat in their kitchen whether they have a big space or a small space. This is usually secondary to their original dining room. This is just a place for them to sit and also for a bite to eat.

  • Creative Seating: 

Most people are set on having kitchen seating, even without having enough space for it. One way of accomplishing this is having the counter seating starting from the kitchen and wrapping around the wall into the next room. The entrance to the kitchen should be wide enough so that the stools would not interfere with the flow of traffic.

  • Double dining: 

For those people who have a kitchen island, most of them still ask to have additional kitchen seating, even if they already have a dining room. This is because kitchen islands are good if you're having quick bites, but not good for longer meals.

More Space for Preparation

Most of the older kitchens are usually small and are designed for only one cook. Its prep area is limited to the space that is directly next to the sink. Nowadays, kitchens are larger and it's not rare to have two people cooking in the kitchen, demanding the need for a bigger prep area. One option that you can use for your second prep area is a peninsula. A peninsula in a kitchen refers to an extended kitchen counter area. This is a good option since it is usually accessible to the dining room.


Last but not least is compost-recycling trash. Almost everyone asks for a combination of recycling, trash bins, and compost bins for their new kitchen.

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