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Posted 07/27/2023 by Centralbiohub

Explore human cytology biospecimens for research

Explore human cytology biospecimens for research

The uniqueness of genetic makeup of every human necessitates strengthening of translational and precision medicine research on human cells. Such research is crucial to identifying personalized treatments for various human diseases. Cytology, also known as human cell biology or human cell research, is the branch of science that involves studying and experimenting on human cells. Cytology testing is commonly used to diagnose, screen, and study diseases such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, and rare medical conditions. Human cells are typically isolated from bodily fluids such as urine samples, tissue scrapings from cervical smears or biopsy samples, fine-needle aspirations, or cerebrospinal fluid tapping for disease diagnosis, monitoring, or research purposes. 

We offer a wide range of human cells, including peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC), blood cells, primary cells, and other high-quality cell products to facilitate experimental research for creating next-generation therapeutics and diagnostic tools. Please browse our current cytology sample inventory to discover the largest collection of high-quality cell products.

Discover 3000+ human cell biospecimens for research:

Central BioHub is leading the way in the human biospecimen revolution by meeting the demand for high-quality research samples from scientists worldwide. Our online marketplace connects respected biosample suppliers with life science researchers, making the procurement process more accessible and compliant than ever before. For more information on human cell specimens for research, please visit our website at https://centralbiohub.de/.

Central BioHub offers a wide range of human cell products sourced from thousands of healthy donors and patients worldwide to accelerate cytological research. Our human cell samples are appropriately preserved for experimental research and development, including Red blood cells (RBCs), White blood cells (WBCs), T cells and B cells and platelets. We also provide various peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC samples), including healthy PBMCs and disease state PBMCs. The human cell samples are clinically evaluated and cryogenically stored at our supplier's biobank.

Our user-friendly platform enables researchers to purchase the necessary research specimens from anywhere globally. Every human cell biospecimens request is promptly processed and carefully delivered to your facility. As a new organization, Central BioHub is revolutionizing biomedical research. Visit our website for more information on cytology research specimens: https://centralbiohub.de/blogs/procure-human-cell-specimens-for-research

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