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Expert tips to avoid the leaking shower

Leaking issues have been the most common in every domestic and commercial place. It’s obvious to occur leakage after certain years, no matter how expensive thing you purchase. Shower leaks can cause several problems in the bathroom hence, using the right materials is important to ensure trouble-free years. Proper maintenance and inspection will help to preserve the quality of Leaking Shower Floor

Keep on reading the blog till the end to know the expert tips to prevent the leaking shower!

1) Have a good foundation
If your shower foundation is not done properly, then nothing will go right. Make sure to have a good foundation on the plastered brick or block walls. A proper foundation means the surface should be smooth and have proper leveling. In case of wooden flooring, carefully process with your foundation process.

2) Prepare the walls
If you have plasterboard in your shower area in the bathroom, then replace it with a water-proof tile backer board because plasterboard absorbs the moisture and it can get swell over time so, invest in a water-proof tile backer board. The concrete wall is also a reliable and flexible option for the bathroom shower base.

3) Create and secure solid base
Shower trays are generally supplied with metal legs but they are not suitable to prevent movement. Prefer using the layer of plywood on the top of the base to offer protection from moisture. Focus on strengthening the floor to prevent movement. Also, make sure to secure it with a solid wall.

4) Invest in a solid shower tray
Always choose the shower tray of porcelain or resin so, that tray does not flex. Avoid using cheap acrylic trays because they will move and lead to gaps after a certain time.

5) Water-proof the shower area properly
Invest in proper water-proofing because it will help to resist moisture. Many modern homes also do matting on the top layer of walls and floors. The shower area is most likely to be wet and moist so, never compromise with the water-proofing. By the high-quality waterproofing, it will ensure there are no leaks even after certain movements of the shower tray.

6) Invest in the right tiling products
Invest in the right products means choosing flexible products according to your bathroom needs. There are various tiling materials such as natural stone, porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles and many more. Choose the light-weight water-resistant adhesive according to your tile weight and its type.

Final thoughts: You can ask your tile supplier or shower base contractor to suggest the best water-proofing options and other ideas to prevent future leaks. Hope you found the above blog useful and informative in preventing your Leaking Shower Floor. Also, don’t forget to ask for the guarantee of the products and service. Shower bases are likely to leak over certain years but with stronger protection and water-proofing techniques, you can easily preserve the shower base in good condition for longer years.

Share your ideas and opinion on the prevention of shower base leaks in the comment section.

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