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Everything You Need To Know About Slippery Susan Strain

Slippery Susan cannabis seeds hail from a tradition lineage of 2 high THC marijuana pressures-- the award-winning indica-dominant Tina as well as skunky hybrid Grease, an extra exoticgenetix in-residence genes tale.

Tina, a crossbreed from Constantine and also Three-way OG, has its acrid jet fuel aroma and also mind-stimulating buzz to Slippery Susan. Grease Monkey terminates the mental results with its heavy body high and wonderful natural flavor.

Susan Strain Terpene Profile

While the terpene profile for this Tina x Grease Monkey natural-born gamer is still being developed/under assessment, we can give details from the parent pressures to make an enlightened suggestion on that particular in addition to the flavors and scent supplied.

We can approximate that Slippery Susan Strain tons a touching punch, integrating the acrid jet fuel fragrance of Tina with the earthy diesel atmospheres of Grease Monkey that will certainly knock you off your feet. In the middle of the dank earthy taste, you'll additionally find a subtlety of seasoning fueled by an abundant coffee breathe out.

It's sensible to guess that high levels of myrcene as well as caryophyllene are accountable for this pressure's solid natural and peppery notes that comprise its pungent yet abundant flavor profile.

Slippery Susan Strain Effects

Hold on slippery Susan tight as you slide right into a mentally hot yet deep muscle mass permeating high that signals your body and soul into euphoria. You may also experience some prickling down your spinal column as you breathe out, an inherited quality from the mom stress, Tina.

Susan supplies the most effective of both sativa and also indica worlds, permitting you to increase your brain and innovative creativity while you continue to be glued to your sofa or bed in optimal benefit. As time goes on, you'll find yourself slipping into a tranquil and also stress-free sleep.

Slippery Susan Strain Medical Benefits

Medical cannabis individuals that experience frustrations or migraine headaches or an anorexia nervosa can benefit from the stress-melting as well as munchie-inducing results of exotic genetix slippery susan cannabis seeds.

The combination of THC and also the terpenes caryophyllene and also myrcene work their healing magic on those that are wishing to lessen their anxiety and also anxiousness, advertise their cravings and decrease their headaches/migraines.

How to Grow Slippery Susan Strain?

Sandal Susan seeds can end up being a slippery susan for amateur farmers aiming to attempt their hand at this rather tough growing stress. If you're up for the challenge however, you can anticipate an incredibly high return of potent buds with this top-shelf high-grade stress.

This crossbreed pressure from the exotic genetix seed carbon monoxide gas is offered as normal seeds or feminized seeds in our seed financial institution and also shows off a modest growing time of 8-10 weeks. It can be expanded both within, where the plant calls for a flowering time of 8.5 weeks, as well as additionally in an outside setting.

Purchase exotic genetix seeds - your go-to resource for unusual as well as special genetics worldwide of marijuana cultivation. Store them currently at Seeds Here Now.com.

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