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Posted 08/21/2023 by Keystone Law Firm

Estate Planning For Newlyweds & New Parents

Estate Planning For Newlyweds & New Parents

Did you know that almost 70% of parents have never named legal guardians for their minor children? Of the 30% that have, most have made 1 of 6 very common mistakes that leave their kids at risk of being taken by CPS if anything happened to them.

Can you imagine…your kids struck by the news that you were killed in a car accident and you have no plans whatsoever?

And then shuffled off into the back seat of a social worker’s car. Taken to some strange office building while they wait to find out which family member (at best) is going to come pick them up or (at worst) which foster parents are going to have to hold them while the court system makes a decision?

It Could Be Worse!

Which one of your children will be the strongest? Surely one of them will. Maybe the oldest. She’ll put on a strong face for the others and tell them it’ll be okay. Will you youngest even understand what is happening?

You might have seen my kids before: Gabriel, Bella, Sophia, and Zach. I’m on a mission to make sure that every family in my community has planned for their kids properly, no matter what.

My name is Francisco P. Sirvent and I’m an estate planning attorney and the founder of Keystone Law Firm.

I get it. You are busy. Pre-occupied with work, family and kids activities. You want to protect your kids and give your family a successful life, but life is CRAZY busy. You are putting fires out every day and it’s hard to find the time to plan anything ahead.

You want your children to have the right guardians who can love them and raise them in case you die. You don’t want a judge, CPS or the court system to be involved (heck, a judge might give your kids to “that” family member!). If you don’t have the right legal documents in place, CPS must get involved and your kids can end up in a stranger’s home or worse. This is probably something you’ve wanted to do since finding out you were first pregnant!

Newlyweds & Estate Planning In Arizona

Problem Solved

For Arizona parents, we have put together a quick one-appointment service where you can get this done RIGHT! In about 15 minutes of your time at home and about half an hour appointment at our office, you can go to sleep at night knowing your babies are covered. Sleep well. The right person will have legal authority to take care of your kids if both of you died.

Procrastinate No Longer

Imagine how good it will feel to have this finally done; the peace of mind you will gain. It won’t be part of what you SHOULD do anymore. It won’t be another to-do. It will be DONE!

Gives you a sense of relief, doesn’t it? If the worst happens, your children will be raised by people who love them and will care for them, as you would have.

Call our office at (480) 418-8448 to get started right away and you will get emailed all the information you need to get started. Located in Chandler, Arizona, we handle probate matters across the state including Gilbert, Sun Lakes, Tempe, Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Apache Junction.

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