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Posted on 03/27/2017 in Sports

Electra Townie Go! Review

Electra Townie Go! Review

The 2016 Electra Townie Go! changed from utilizing a SRAM center point engine and back mounted battery pack to the Bosch Centerdrive which is better in basically every way

Presently, it is more costly than other best cruiser bikes in the market, the 2014 and 2015 models at $2,727 and it weighs more at ~58 lbs yet you get an eight speed inside equipped drivetrain and significantly more power that produces less clamor when running!

With a top speed of ~20 mph and a coordinated back rack the Townie Go! would make a better than average worker yet it's truly most appropriate to loose neighborhood riding. There are four levels of pedal help to work with here and the most minimal, Eco mode, will move the bicycle at a slower speed for individuals who need to relax.

The curiously large Schwalbe swell tires work practically like an essential suspension in that they assimilate splits and knocks as you ride, they do measure more yet the contact fix is augmented and they feel truly steady. At 26″ in measurement they don't lift the edge as high as more conventional 700c (28″) haggles however despite everything you get intelligent sidewall stripes and Kevlar lining for security and toughness.

Driving this bicycle is a 350 watt Bosch Performance Cruise engine that measures bicycle speed, pedal speed and pedal torque (up to 1,000 every second) for prompt begins and stops. The engine turns your chainring that is about a large portion of the span of most conventional rings and this higher RPM conveys a more extensive scope of accelerating velocities as far as I can tell.

When you move, the engine reacts and dials down as not to pound riggings or put strain on the chain. Fueling the engine and incorporated Spanninga lights is a 36 volt 11 amp hour battery running on Samsung Lithium-particle cells. It's a similar Bosch PowerPack 400 I've seen for as long as 18 months on different models here in the US and it works similarly too.

You can charge it on or off the edge and it bolts safely yet ensure you push hard when re-appending it to the casing with the goal that you hear a tick and realize that it's completely associated.

Much the same as the 2015 model this most recent Townie Go! highlights a bistro bolt that incapacitates the back wheel for snappy stops around town – sparing the bother and distress of conveying a u-bolt or chain.

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Posted by Dennis Ward
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