Does the Thickness of My Frameless Shower Door Matter?

Does the Thickness of My Frameless Shower Door Matter?

Does the Thickness of My Frameless Shower Door Matter?

When picking out a frameless shower door, the very first thing you have to think about is actually the glass thickness. The absence of frames (which is basically the foundation) means that the structural strength of the shower enclosure of yours is today based on just how heavy the glass yours is, actually. Choose one which has the proper measurements to suit the needs.

You will find 2 choices regarding the thickness of your shower door:

1. 1/2 Inch Heavy Shower Glass

Buying a half-inch thick glass for the frameless shower door is the right action in case you are worried about resilience and life expectancy. The half-inch heavy glass offers probably the greatest structural durability and integrity, which perfectly fits some houses.

Half-inch hefty bath glass is a superb choice for all those that are actually prepared to splurge a little on higher quality glass for their frameless shower door. It is also well worth noting that this choice is the identical type used for storefronts. Apart from appearing advanced, it provides the shower of yours a far more considerable feel.

2. 3/8 Inch Heavy Shower Glass

This’s probably the smallest glass thickness size you can use for frameless bath enclosures. Although it is a little thinner compared to the premium sort, it offers you the sound, first-rate continuous stability you will need. This’s additionally a preferred option for homeowners at a low cost since it is a lot more inexpensive compared to half-inch heavy shower glass doors.

Prioritize Safety at All Times

The thickness of your frameless shower door matters A LOT. It just takes a blink of a watch for a bath glass door or maybe panel to break and shatter into little hazardous parts. Broken glass can cause injuries to anyone in the home of yours. That is exactly why you should not compromise safety when choosing a bath enclosure for the home of yours.

Consider creating customized glass for the frameless shower door. Whenever you purchase a customized enclosure, you can count on a longer-lasting and safer door, regardless of how regular the shower is actually used.

Selecting a thinner glass may well help you save just a few 100 dollars, though you’ll probably wind up having to pay much more in medical bills if a person in the home of yours gets injured once that glass enclosure breaks.

Use Tempered Glass

Most of the famous glass bath enclosures on the market today are made with tempered glass, which contributes to security worth. The glass is warmed up till it gets very soft before rapidly chilling it with air that is cool. Using this technique, highly appealing ailments of induced anxiety are produced, creating an impact-resistant glass.

It shows the tempered glass won’t ever break into jagged and sharp edges which can harm anybody. Rather, it is going to break into small, oval-shaped pebbles that are actually much safer for you and the family yours in case a crash occurs. Tempered glass additionally has various decorative components you can pick from.

Have you been creating a brand new bathroom or just renovating a current one? Subsequently, the greatest thing to perform is actually to hire an experienced frameless shower door installer.

Rather than wasting time selecting the parts by yourself your new bath glass door won’t merely be eye-appealing but also safe for everybody who’ll put it to use.


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