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Posted 09/25/2023 by Centralbiohub

Biobanks are Core Resource for Modern Clinical Research

Biobanks are Core Resource for Modern Clinical Research

A biobank is a specialised facility that gathers, preserves and distributes priceless human biospecimens with associated data for clinical and experimental research. It also goes by the name "biorepositories."  It is two types based on ownership and governance ie, public biobanks and commercial biobanks. Public biobanks own by governmental biomedical research organisations, universities or non-profitable research centres. On the other hand, commercial biobanks are owned by CROs and other profitable organisations. Let us see what exactly are human biospecimens or human samples.

Any substances derived from the patient or consented donors, such as blood, urine, tissues, organs, cells, DNA, hair, teeth, bones, etc., gathered during clinical procedures such as treatment or diagnosis are referred to as human biomaterials or human biological materials. Human biobanks are specially constructed facilities where the collected human specimens are obtained for diagnostic and medicine research purposes. It can keep these samples long while maintaining their integrity for decades for the best possible research results.

Human biobanks are a great resource for researchers worldwide.

One of the main challenges for the clinical trial investigator and the sponsors is the assignment of perfect clinical trial participants and the prospective collection of specimens for testing. It's also more complicated than concerns about the clinical trial's successful completion due to the uncertainty in the retention of trial participants and high dropout rates. In light of this, well-preserved, hyper-annotated human biospecimens obtained from actual volunteers can significantly cut down on the time and resources needed to find new participants for each study and enable better studies to be completed on a timeline. Therefore, To advance clinical trials to a moon-shot discovery in contemporary clinical research, studies on human biological materials are crucial.

Researchers can learn explicitly about human biology from human biospecimens obtained from actual patients. Furthermore, they can clarify the detailed human disease pathway and how it relates to a patient's course through life.

Additionally, it enables researchers to examine the clinical relevance of the investigational drug or medical device in humans. As a result, human biobanks serve as a repository for valuable human specimens and store millions of human specimens for research. Of course, it has made invaluable contributions to human medical science and research. More importantly, modern human biospecimens can be used as an efficient in-vitro human model and a good substitute for animal models, particularly in the pre-clinical or early clinical trial phases. To learn more about the role of biobanks in modern clinical research, click here: https://centralbiohub.de/blogs/biobanks

Central BioHub Provides 800,000+ human samples for research.

With the expansion of numerous human biobank research globally, the human biobanking industry is expanding as opportunities increase. Ironically, getting human biospecimens for research still takes a long time. Central BioHub provides millions of valuable human biomaterials for online purchase as part of the current digital revolution. Our online human biospecimen marketplace links international researchers to certified world-class human biobanks and simplifies the process of acquiring biosamples more than ever. Learn how Central BioHub is different from other biospecimen providers: https://centralbiohub.de/

To meet the demand for research samples from life science researchers and scientists globally,  Central BioHub has been at the forefront of online biospecimen revolutions since 2017. Millions of clinical research specimens are readily available from its vast inventory, which is available online. Check out their inventory page: https://centralbiohub.de/biospecimens. Central BioHub provides outstanding customer service with 24-hour customer service and quick worldwide priority shipping. Isn't it incredible? Visit their marketplace for human biospecimens right away!

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