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Posted 02/26/2023 by ANANDA PUBLISHERS PVT. LTD.

Best Website to Buy Bengali Books, Ananda Publishers All Book List

Best Website to Buy Bengali Books, Ananda Publishers All Book List

Emperor Ashoka, more than two thousand years ago, gathered nine unidentified scholars and founded a secret society to do the purest kind of research on nine separate areas. The workings of this group were shrouded in mystery. Some people believe that the society still exists today.

Sahil uses this information to create a screenplay and gets in touch with Roshan Gupta, a producer. In order to find the real tale, Sahil approaches renowned historian Amarendra Sikder in Kolkata after the producer rejects the script. There are two concurrent stories in Prajnasutra: the suspenseful film script in which Samriddha and Ruchi come into conflict with three elderly persons (Prithwish Mitra, Biswanath Karmakar, and Achinta Baidya), and the second story in which Sahil confides in Amarendra., while Barnali and Kinki modifies the plot.

Krishnendu Mukherjee, an engineer by profession, has a flair for writing intricate mystery riddles. Stories by Krishnendu Mukherjee have appeared in a variety of well-known publications, including Desh. They have also received awards. Read Prajnasutra to see the secret come to light.

Bengal's terracotta temples are examples of the aristocratic taste, culture, and architecture of the nation and feature unique patterns, forms, and ornamental motifs. These temples, which were built during the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, have long piqued the interest of academics and historians. The people, objects, and settings that embellish these magnificent temples are frequently taken from literature or culture, therefore they might not follow the rules of traditional art genres. Along with learning about the construction and decoration of the temples, the main objectives of the book are to study these sources. Bengal's cultural heritage is successfully depicted thro ugh the study of literature and art history together with illustrative images.

The Visva Bharati University's Bengali department students are taught by Sreela and Abhra Basu. They are extremely passionate about Bengali art, architecture, and culture. Abhra Basu is an avid photographer who also has a fondness for Bengali temples. If you have similar likings, do collect this book from our website.

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