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Posted 10/13/2022 by Vape Density

Best Online Vape Shop for Premium E-Liquid

Best Online Vape Shop for Premium E-Liquid

Helping you with choosing your first e-liquid. Understanding the four main ingredients in e-liquid can help you with finding your perfect vape. If you’re still not completely sure what e-liquid is I’d highly recommend checking out our Beginners Guide To Vape E-liquid v discussion. Your vaping device also plays a really important role in the type of liquids that you’ll need so in this discussion we’ll discuss how all four residents interact with different devices The major hurdle in successfully switching to vaping is to find a nicotine strength which will satisfy your cravings, gives you the right type of throat hit and also has a flavor that you enjoy. This will take some trial and error but hopefully, all the tips that we give you in this will help you out along the way. As a new vaper, you’re likely to start on a smaller vaping device which will produce a smaller amount of vapor. If you previously smoked heavily, you likely would require a higher dose of nicotine, and smaller vaping devices are commonly sold with higher levels of nicotine.

Many of the smaller cig alike or pod devices contain 18mg or 20mg of nicotine per milliliter which is the highest legal limit in Canada. As we progress to the refillable devices, we start to notice that the size of the device and the vapor production begin to increase. All of a sudden at an 18mg e-liquid seems very harsh on the throat making the vaping experience unpleasant. What works for one person may not necessarily work for you, but the good news is there are plenty of options to help you tailor your experience. In addition to nicotine, smokers often need to fill a throat hit to feel satisfied. In vaping three variables can affect the throat hit: nicotine strength, the higher the nicotine strength the harsher the throat hit. A higher percentage of PG means a harsher throat hit, and finally device vapor production. Higher powered devices produce more vape e-juice, therefore, more nicotine and PG.

In general new vapers require a higher nicotine strength to help with their transition, so you want to be taking a look at vape liquids that have 12-18mg of nicotine. If you watched our beginner’s guide to vape e-liquid video, you would know that in addition to PG another main ingredient in e-liquid is VG. In most liquids, VG represents 50 to 80 percent of the total mixture and is directly proportional to PG. For example, if an e-liquid contains 80% VG, the remaining 20% will be PG. You want to consider the PG percentage in your e-liquid and what is best suited for your device. As a simple rule, choose higher PG concentrations for smaller devices, such as pods or vape pens, and this will give you more of a throat hit with  device that produces less vapor. Choose high concentrations of VG for larger devices, which are capable of producing more energy and steam. This will lead to a smoother vaping experience and also allows you to inhale more vapor in one go. In some cases, you may find that only the VG percentage is indicated on the box or label.

This is because it’s commonly found in the highest concentration and manufacturers just assume that you know the direct relationship between PG and VG. In simple terms, a higher VG percentage means a smoother vape and less of a throat hit VG also produces & so the higher the VG percentage the thicker the vapor cloud. As you progress on your vaping journey you’re likely to encounter the term ‘sub-ohm’. Don’t let this daunt you. It simply means that the device is capable of producing more power and vapor than your pod kit or cig alike. Because of the increased vapor production, the general rule with sub-ohm devices is that you start with a lower nicotine strength and a higher VG percentage. We find that 3-6mgof nicotine and around 70 percent VG works best for most people. If you feel you need more nicotine or more of a throat hurt simply increase your nicotine strength or decrease the VG percentage. When it comes to e-liquid flavors you have thousands of choices. Tobacco and menthol flavors are a great place to start but from there the world is your oyster.

You could get a sweet tobacco mix, a fruity menthol flavor, or even something that resembles your favorite dessert. Just experiment with different flavor combinations and change things up. Changing things up is a really good way to avoid what’s called “vapers tongue.” This is a term that’s used to describe when someone vapes a single flavor SO much that they can barely taste it anymore. Drinking water is also a really big help. The more powerful your device is the more flavor you’re likely to experience so if you love a flavor, but it becomes a little bit too overbearing, try switching to a less powerful device. Nicotine salts are a much more recent addition to vaping and in our experience, they offer a smoother throat hit and affect the flavor a lot less than traditional freebase nicotine vape e-liquids. As a result, nicotine salts are useful for smokers who find traditional higher nicotine juice too harsh, they enable you to get a higher dose of nicotine with a smoother throat hit. Short fill liquids are another recent development in vaping, however, we wouldn’t recommend these as one of your first vape e-liquids. This is purely because they require extra knowledge about mixing and nicotine shots. And that’s that! So just to recap, here’s what you need to be looking out for when you choose your first e-liquid.

If you’re a heavy smoker or someone who’s looking for a harder throat hit you’re going to need an e-juice that is higher in nicotine and higher in PG percentage if you’re an alight smoker or someone who’s looking for a smoother throat hit you’re going to be needing an e-liquid that is lower in nicotine strength and higher in VG percentage.

Higher powered devices require an e-liquid that is lower in nicotine strength and higher in VG percentage, and finally, if you are going to be using nicotine salt liquids it’s a great starting point to double your usual Vape Juice strength. For example, if you use a 3mg e-liquid normally, you may want to look at using 6mg or perhaps even a 9mg salt nic e-liquid. It takes a bit of experimentation to find your perfect vape so don’t be afraid to try different things in smaller amounts until you find what works best for you always err on the side of caution and try to go for the smoother vape. It’s better to vape a smoother liquid than one that’s too harsh.

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