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Posted 02/28/2023 by Bellamani Photography

Bellamani Photography

Bellamani Photography

Website: https://www.bellamaniphotography.com/

Address: Los Angeles, California, USA

Phone: 818-839-2130

As a mobile unit, Bellamani Photography brings the studio to you. Whether you need new acting headshots for pilot season or if you want your business to have a new set of corporate headshots, we got you covered. We come fully armed with an arsenal of a professional lighting / camera package and a creative passion for photography. We are ready to set up anywhere. In your home, in your office or around your neighborhood. Anywhere.

We cover Southern California which includes downtown Los Angeles proper and reach out to San Fernando Valley, Orange County, South Beach, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara and San Diego.


About Andrew:

Andrew Amani comes from royalty as his grandmother on his father’s side was a princess for the Indonesian royal family BUT was excommunicated when she married a dutch peasant, his grandfather. Even though he has made numerous attempts to connect, the royal family simply won’t return his calls. For that, he was forced to grow up on the northside of Chicago. It’s not quite the suburbs but it’s close enough to still be considered a wussy neighborhood.

The word Bellamani comes from the fusion of his fiance's last name, La Bella, and his to form the word. When they get married, it will be legally changed to that.

He had worked as a commodities trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange where he still holds the record for most trades made by a “New Member” on their first day of trading. Subsequently, he also holds the record, still, for the most money lost by a “New Member” on their first day of trading.

He finally got his Bachelor’s of Art in Theater from Columbia College Chicago and got involved in the underground physical theater including companies like Redmoon Theater, Plasticene Physical Theater Company, Chicago Moving Company, Trap Door Theater, Defiant Theater and Factory Theater and The Chicago Opera.

He moved to Los Angeles to pursue stunts where his first booking was with the prestigious acrobatic dance company Diavolo and performed in Las Vegas. He is a writer / director with numerous screenwriting awards, nominations and placements and several theater awards for stage combat and choreography including an Ovation and three LA Weeklies.

His passion for photography came when he took a class at UCLA Extension where he was assigned an exercise with an egg. Quickly getting bored with the exercise, Andrew decided to draw faces on the egg and create a storyboard where a ninja egg enacted revenge on his cheating wife egg which received high ratings for creativity from his teacher and classmates. Since, he has been finding his vision, his voice and his style through the specific genre of headshot photography where he emphasizes the use of light (both natural and strobes) to create a meticulously defined and composed shot.

Business mail: bellamaniphotography@gmail.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/bellamaniphotography

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/AndrewAmaniPhotographer/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/bellamaniphotos

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/bellamani-photography/

Alignable – https://www.alignable.com/santa-clarita-ca/bellamani-photography


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