Another means to grow your muscle

Another means to grow your muscle

Another way to increase your strength and muscle while exercising is to learn how to workout with Squat Rack. This equipment is one of the most unique exercising equipment dedicated to weightlifters. When you exercise using this piece of gym equipment, you are likely going build your body, your strength, muscle, chest. For you to become a good lifter, you can only engage with such gym equipment to help your workout routine. 

When I started exercising for the first time, I started to engage myself with weighted equipment through squat equipment. I started by placing the barbells on the squat rack (Power Rack), I added gym plates to the barbells and after that,I placed my barbell collars to lock the gym plates with barbells against falling off the barbells. After this stage, I lay on the gym bench, my back was placed on the bench, my two hands hold the barbell while my foot was on the floor. Do you know as a starter, I was not able to lift 20kg of gym plate off from the power rack. 

My lesson was, being a starter, I was supposed to begin with lower weight not to start with weighted equipment. When I started lifting lower weight, I learned that starting with bigger than your muscle could dislocate a lifter. 

Today I can lift weighted equipment of 250kg up from Power Rack with all confidence and without any help from any coach. For me to get through this level, I consulted a coach who come around my home to examine my workout routine. With my lifting of weighted equipment, many people have suggested that I compete with professionals.  

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