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Posted 02/07/2023 by Centralbiohub

An End to End Solution for Infectious Diseases Biospecimens for Research

An End to End Solution for Infectious Diseases Biospecimens for Research

The spread of infectious diseases is a major issue worldwide, caused by pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. These diseases often lead to hospitalisation and can easily be transmitted from person to person. Recently, the emergence of new infections and the resurgence of contagious diseases have created significant public health concerns in developing and developed countries. Infectious diseases are a leading cause of disability-adjusted life years and global mortality. The increasing problem of antimicrobial resistance has increased concerns about the potential for superinfections, making the fight against infectious diseases even more challenging. As a result, combating infectious diseases has become a top priority for global health leaders, healthcare workers, health policymakers, and health researchers. Also, research efforts to develop new antibiotics, therapeutic approaches, and vaccines are ongoing globally to address the current and future threat of infections.

Best ways for Infection prevention:

One can significantly reduce the risk of contracting infectious diseases and causes of infection by following a few simple steps:

  • Regular handwashing with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand sanitisers

  • Maintaining a safe distance from infected individuals

  • Engaging in safe sexual practices

  • Consuming a balanced and nutritious diet

  • Being mindful of contaminated food and water sources

  • Receiving recommended vaccinations

  • Avoiding travel to areas with high disease incidence

  • Not sharing personal items

  • Seeking medical attention when feeling unwell

  • Discontinuing the misuse of antibiotics

  • Regularly disinfecting frequently used surfaces and objects.

Boost infectious disease research with high-quality biospecimens 

Central BioHub stands out with its top-notch biospecimen inventory, catering to the global scientific research and development community. Our commitment to quality is evident through the use of advanced technologies to simplify the process of biospecimen acquisition. 

Also, our ethical approach to obtaining biosamples from diverse populations and our focus on customer service sets us apart in the industry. We follow strict safety and confidentiality protocols, ensuring that all procedures are monitored with the utmost care and adherence to company policies. 

Central BioHub offers an extensive collection of biospecimens for research and development, accelerating global infectious disease research. Our infectious disease biospecimen inventory comprises of human biological fluids collected from patients who have been infected with a pathogen, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, or parasites. These disease state Biospecimens, which include serum, plasma, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, and vaginal swabs, undergo rigorous testing to determine the specific type of pathogens and are available with relevant clinical information. Further, the samples are cryogenically stored in biobanks with active quality control to prevent cross-contamination. Check out our inventory of infectious disease biospecimens to place orders instantly online: https://centralbiohub.de/biospecimens/infectious-diseases

Furthermore, Central BioHub offers a convenient and efficient solution for obtaining high-quality infectious disease specimens for research purposes. Each sample is thoroughly tested and carefully handled to ensure the best possible outcome. Central BioHub is always committed to providing fast, reliable, cost-effective, and customer-focused services. If you require more information about infectious disease research samples, please contact us.

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