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Posted 09/21/2023 by Centralbiohub

Ace the pace of procuring human biospecimens with Central BioHub

Ace the pace of procuring human biospecimens with Central BioHub

Disease incidence and prevalence have reached unprecedented heights in today's fast-changing world, driving up the demand for cutting-edge medical research to develop the next generation of treatments and diagnostics for better disease management. Any medical discovery begins with human biosamples collected from patients. To advance studies and accomplish study targets, researchers must gather compatible human specimens from the target population, including healthy donors and patients, in the right quantity and quality. Ironically, this is frequently the most time-consuming part of the entire research process. After spending extra time looking for study specimens, researchers often come up with nothing. On the other hand, human biological materials are accumulating in several biobanking facilities without being used for any research.

What is the solution for this?

Knowing this to be accurate, we decided to streamline the acquisition of biological specimens. Therefore, we introduced the most cutting-edge online platform- ‘ Central BioHub', which links biobanks and clinical research institutions to researchers of global therapeutic and in-vitro diagnostic industries. Inspired by the achievements of contemporary e-commerce sectors and their widespread adoption, Central BioHub was founded. By automating and digitalizing procurement processes, our marketplace can reduce the time required to order human biospecimens from months to minutes. Our goal was to eliminate the cumbersome traditional approach of acquiring human biospecimens in favour of a user-friendly e-commerce platform that could quickly meet research objectives.

Central BioHub kindle Online biospecimen acquisition worldwide!

In an effort to create a healthier planet, a group of interdisciplinary, innovative people founded Central BioHub in 2017. By facilitating easy access to top-notch human biological specimens like human serum, plasma, saliva, urine, tissues, and more, we are fully committed to reviving global research in search of a rewarding medical breakthrough. Central BioHub meets the needs for research in a few clicks thanks to the solid concept of integrating data-driven technology. Our human biological sample inventory is presented as an open-access digital catalogue with intelligent web filters, making it simple for researchers worldwide to select and order precisely matching clinical research samples. Yes, it's just as easy as using the online store at Amazon! For more detail, visit: https://centralbiohub.de/

We have happy customers around the world.

Researchers all over the world value our zealous services, and throughout the years, we have succeeded in earning their trust. Furthermore, regardless of the facility's location, we stand out for our quick delivery of research specimens. Again, our scientific specialists have the necessary training to offer the customers tailored support throughout the procurement process. Learn more about Central BioHub and frequently asked questions (FAQS): https://centralbiohub.de/faq 

We foresee a world that is better and healthier in the future and are pleased to be a part of the fantastic online human biospecimen revolution.

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