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Posted 09/19/2023 by LA GAME ROCK

A Place That Feels Like Dreamland

Looking for a change for your same old birthday party? We have just the solution for you. We bring to you, the best in class mobile entertainment in the greater Los Angeles area and its outskirts. We have various pre-organized and exciting games. We also take suggestions in case a customer requests a particular game. As a result, we are capable of striking a balance between these two things, coming fully prepared and giving you the flexibility to enjoy. Rent our Birthday Game Truck and see it for yourself

I Have Not Done Anything Like This. How Do I Know That This Is Right For Me?
 We understand that everyone has a different idea of fun. As long as you enjoy playing games, having fun and making a mess without worrying about cleaning it, we assure you that you are making the right choice by choosing us.  
Our Game Trucks are  equipped with luxurious limo-style interiors with comfortable Stadium-Style Seating.


Parties can run long and to avoid them being monotonous, we have installed laser lights and under glow lightning technology that changes the color of light, inside and outside the truck as well. Kids generally use the term “Awesome” to describe it. 
If you are planning a more controlled party, we still have got you covered. Your next school function, church event, youth group, summer camp or Kids Club will be the best one that you have seen. Just make sure to call us. 

 What If I Want To Organize High Occupancy Parties? Can I Still Get A  Birthday Game Truck?

Small or big, we are prepared for all kinds of parties. At max. 28 players can  game at once, using  five huge high-definition screens and gaming stations inside our unit and 2 more gaming stations with HD monitors outside ! If you plan to have a party bigger than this, we can switch players accordingly so that everybody gets ample playing time! And all of this is included in  video truck rental services. 
When we say that it is a 
birthday party game truck, we mean it.
Birthdays are not everyday occasions. We want you to make the best out of it as much as you do. A Game Coach will always be there to assist with your party and serve as a helping hand.  Hop on the Birthday game truck,  enjoy the ride and the game coach will take care of the rest. 


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