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Posted 06/25/2022 by Ammar Machinery

A Detailed Guide On How To Choose The Best Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine

A Detailed Guide On How To Choose The Best Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine

If you are having a chocolate production line, you are sure to look out for a reliable and highly efficient chocolate wrapping machine for sale. These machines are equipment that is used in packaging different types of chocolates and candies.

But What are The Other Important Benefits of a Chocolate Wrapping Machine?

  • Increase in the efficiency and accuracy of rapping chocolates.
  • Increased chocolate production output.
  • Reduction in the number of employees in the production line as the process is entirely automatic.
  • Boost chocolate production, hence, maximizing profit.

Are you looking for a chocolate foil wrapping machine for sale? Here’s everything to know about the machine.

It’s a machine that you can use in wrapping ellipse chocolate or ball chocolate using different types of foils.

What is the Machine’s Advantage?

The Main Advantages of a Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine Include:

  • It’s user-friendly with a complete PLC control system making it easy to operate.
  • The chocolates are wrapped at a faster speed givingthem a wonderful appearance.
  • The machine has a low operational costas it is automatic and does not require huge manpower.
  • The frequency converter technique converts the wrapping dimensions of the machine frequently.

What are The Features of the Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine?

The mechanism of the machine depends on a 3-phase synchronous motor that helps in driving the operation.It also has an auto shower lubrication system. The main lubricant is the oil which can be found in a removable pallet. But when buying a chocolate wrapping machine consider the following technical specifications of a chocolate foil wrapping machine.

  • Power supply system.
  • Wrapping capacity of the machine.
  • Dimensions in terms of weight, packing size and packing paper size including width and thickness.

Essential Parts of a Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine

chocolate foli wraping machine

  • Shower lubricant distribution system.
  • Removable oil pallets.
  • Auto printing system.
  • PLC control system with a touch screen for easy display of the control parameters.
  • Wrapping system for better flexibility.
  • Distribution system with gears, conveyor belts, and motors to drive the machine operations.
  • Feeder system that feeds the machine withwrapping papersand chocolate.
  • Alarming system and automatic sensors to improve machinesafety.

Optimizing the operation of chocolate packaging in the foil wrapping machine -

  • Grease and clean the parts regularly to maintain them in good working condition.
  • Refill and change the oil in the oil pallets.
  • Reduce the downtime of the machine if the machine stays idle.

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Source: https://medium.com/@ammarmachinery/a-detailed-guide-on-chocolate-foil-wrapping-machine-682851e2ac93

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