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Posted 11/29/2022 by Assisting Hand Dana Point

8 Reasons Why Seniors Should Eat More Bananas

8 Reasons Why Seniors Should Eat More Bananas

Seniors should increase their intake of fruits and vegetables to protect themselves from a host of health problems. One such fruit that's good for you in many ways is the banana. Here are some of the reasons listed by home care Dana Point why senior citizens might want to eat.


1. Control Blood Pressure


Eating bananas can help seniors reduce their blood pressure and risk for stroke. The potassium in bananas can help seniors maintain a healthy heart. Eating bananas is a fantastic way for seniors to control their blood sugar levels. Bananas can also help your loved one protect their cardiovascular system. 


2. Reduce Depression


Banana is a type of fruit that may reduce depression in seniors and boost their overall mood. Eating bananas may help seniors sleep better, and it may relax their muscles. The fruit also regulates water balance in the body and may reduce stress levels. Regular intake of bananas promotes positive moods in seniors. 


3. Maintain Weight


Some seniors may lose weight by eating bananas and can still fulfill their cravings for sweets. Banana helps seniors maintain their blood sugar levels after exercise. The fruit offers a healthy and fulfilling meal, which allows seniors to regulate their weight. Seniors who may want to reduce their appetite and detoxify their bodies can eat bananas regularly. 


4. Cure Digestion


Some seniors face difficulty in digesting food, which disturbs their eating patterns. Eating bananas can help regulate metabolism in seniors and may act as an alternative to laxatives. In addition, the fruit is packed with fiber that can relieve constipation. 


5. Ease Headaches 


Eating bananas for breakfast can boost a senior's brain power. It may also help seniors hydrate their bodies and make them more active in the morning.  


6. Make Bones Stronger


Banana is one of the best fruits for keeping your bones healthy. The calcium in bananas can help seniors reduce their osteoporosis risk and increase bone density. Seniors should consider eating bananas to strengthen their bones. 


7. Relieve Kidney Problems 


Eating bananas has a positive impact on kidney functions. The potassium in bananas helps seniors regulate their fluid balance and ease the strain on their kidneys. Bananas may also mitigate urinary problems in seniors and helps flush out toxins. It may also reduce the risk of getting kidney related problems. 


8. Control Body Temperature 


Some elderly people struggle to keep their body temperature stable. Bananas have a naturally occurring effect of lowering the body's core temperature. Eating bananas will help seniors feel more relaxed both physically and mentally. Seniors should add bananas to their diets to reduce excess heat in their bodies.


How Senior Care Help


Your aging loved one is susceptible to several health conditions. By making a few changes to diet and lifestyle, you can help reduce his or her risk of diseases. However, it is essential to talk with professional health care staff of Elder Care Dana Point before making any changes to your elder’s diet. You should also consider getting your senior loved one tested for food allergies beforehand.  


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