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Posted on 10/20/2021 in Health and Fitness

7 Unexpected Ways Turmeric Can Help Your GI Problems

7 Unexpected Ways Turmeric Can Help Your GI Problems

Turmeric is a spice that’s known for its fascinating health benefits and might be the most effective nutritional supplement in existence. Lots of high-quality studies were conducted on the effects of curcumin (the main ingredient in turmeric) on human health that have shown that the spice has major benefits for the body and brain. Turmeric is especially effective at relieving gastrointestinal issues and can help relieve gas, heartburn, and more. 

1. Reduces stomach pain 

Prolonged stomach pain could indicate a serious health condition, so it’s essential to see your doctor if the pain doesn’t seem to go away. However, if you, like millions of Americans, experience mild stomach pain, this can be caused by an unhealthy diet, bad habits, and physical inactivity. Luckily, the anti-inflammatory and antibiotic compounds in turmeric can help lower pain. 

2. Relieves flatulence 

Flatulence is not only embarrassing and unpleasant, but you could suffer from bloating even when there’s air stuck in the digestive tract. But you can use turmeric as a gas reliever. What’s more, it’s not only able to fight the symptoms of gas, but can help treat the underlying problems as well. 

Turmeric contains compounds that aid digestion and help your body stop overproducing the acids that lead to flatulence. 

3. Reduces nausea

Nausea can stem from lots of conditions so treatment is different. You could be nauseous due to dehydration, infections, GI issues, or stress. Natural remedies are a good option since they are effective and don’t cause side effects. Curcumin can help combat the inflammation, bacteria, and viruses behind your queasiness. 

Plus, turmeric’s phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals act as antioxidants that help maintain healthy brain chemistry. This can ease mental causes of nausea such as stress and anxiety. 

4. Relieves heartburn 

About 60 million people in the United States experience heartburn at least once a month. If you still have it, despite avoiding alcohol, caffeine, fatty foods, and cigarettes, try turmeric. This magic spice can help relieve heartburn and even improve your digestion. According to a study in the journal Systematic Reviews, consuming a teaspoon of the spice twice a day aids esophagus and colon function, as well as helps them recover from indigestion faster.

Several compounds that are found in turmeric can relieve the underlying problems of acid and bile overproduction, thus promoting benefits to the body and helping to produce good bacteria, lower the levels of bad bacteria, and boost the colon’s ability to absorb essential nutrients.

5. Eases diarrhea 

Certain medications, food poisoning, food allergies, viruses, and food intolerances can all contribute to sudden bouts of diarrhea. Eating a teaspoon of powdered turmeric up to three times a day, drinking more fluids, and washing your hands often, can bring significant relief when you have a loose stool. 

The magnesium and potassium contained in the spice help combat dehydration and rebalance your fluid balance, while other vitamins and chemicals boost digestion and immunity. 

6. Relieves irritable bowel syndrome 

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a chronic condition that’s accompanied by abdominal pain, bloating, gas, cramping, and more. Turmeric contains lots of different vitamins, minerals, and other chemicals that can lower inflammation, reduce abnormal muscle movements, and soothe digestive problems. Add a tablespoon of the spice to your food every day to find some relief. 

7. Improves digestion 

Digestion is a complex process that involves many organs which means the process can easily be disrupted, especially if you lack vitamins and minerals that are needed to maintain those organs and their functions. 

Try adding a tablespoon of turmeric to your food every day to get enough vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This will help acid production, muscle movement, and nutrient absorption to keep things moving as they should.

Posted by Amelia Grant
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