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5 Ways NodeJs Simplifies App Development

5 Ways NodeJs Simplifies App Development

NodeJs is widely adopted by development companies as it helps reduce the time to market for apps. Reduced labor costs and agility are other benefits that result in rapid development, which helps companies to react to the fast-changing commercial landscapes of today's time.This is a JavaScript run-time environment, which means that it includes everything required to implement a program written in JavaScript. We have the best  react native development company in Mumbai. 

Here are 5 ways in which NodeJsreform the rules of app development:

Modular design - The best example to consider for this would be PayPal, which developed an application in parallel with one team using Java and another team using NodeJs.

According to Jeff Harrell, the Director of Engineering and Chief Architect at PayPal, the app built using NodeJs required 33 percent less number of lines of code; was able to handle double requests per second; and reduced response time by 35 percent as compared to the Java version.

The team with 2 developers was able to complete the project in two weeks whereas Java developers, 20 in number, were still working to complete the project after eight months. PayPal embraced reducingthe massive code base and redesigned its current Java services.

If you are planning to build your next application, opt for development services for modularity. As each module has its functionality and can be shared across teams, this allows quick app development as well as better team collaboration.

Ecosystem - The modular design of NodeJs code builds a rich ecosystem that can be embraced while building an app. This ecosystem integrates the work of low-level programmers and front-end JavaScript developers for server-side development.The dependencies within its ecosystem make it easier to incorporate, adapt and share.

Collaboration - Its modular design and large ecosystem allow programmers delivering NodeJS development services to enjoy better collaboration. Java creates monolithic systems and deep alliances using Object Oriented programming, which makes it difficult to share discrete functional components. This, on the other hand, facilitates app development, allowing the apps to be built faster with more focused components that have specific functionality and that can be easily shared across different teams.

Time to market - Modular design, fewer lines of code, and cross-organizational collaboration, all help in accelerating time to market.This helped the team of developers at Yahoo to deliver a fully-functional, production-ready app in 30 days by exploiting modular design with small modules along with an internal registry for efficient collaboration.

Owing to its dynamic nature, JavaScript allows faster iteration to allow the team offering development services to deliver quick solutions to the market. Teams can build, test and deploy new services and user experiences to satisfy customer needs.

Operating costs – This not only makes it easier to build software applications but also makes them cost-effective. Companies require less computing power to host NodeJs apps and allow operation teams to ensure a one-to-one relationship between a compute resource and a server.As less number of developers are required to work on a single NodeJs project, it also cuts down labor costs.

NodeJs development companies know that is great for achieving high performance, reduced costs, increased productivity, and faster development. This is why top software development companies across the globe are embracing delivering quick solutions to their clients.

If you are planning to build your next app, look for a reliable NodeJs development company in Indiathat has the experience and expertise to provide top-notch, business-focused NodeJS development services to build a high-performance, flawless and scalable app in a fast turnaround time. After all, the success of your project depends majorly on the development team that you choose.

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