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5 Tips For Choosing the Right Office Chair

5 Tips For Choosing the Right Office Chair

Many of us spend more hours in our office chairs than all the other chairs, sofas, and stools in our lives combined. With more Brits working longer and longer hours, many with back problems, and more women working while pregnant, coupled with a media that is continually educating us on the health and productivity benefits of properly fitted office chairs,  Office Chairs in Hyderabad  it is clear that quality office furniture is a critical consideration for any company in the design and outfitting of the modern office.

But how to know what to look for? The process is not as simple as you think, with thousands of retailers and suppliers out there competing for your business, it's important to know the key things to look for that will help you identify a chair that's going to support a spine - not crush it.

Ergonomic office chairs are chairs that have been specially designed to give the user maximum comfort and convenience.Ergonomic office chairs are extremely effective in reducing shoulder, back, and neck strain. While these office chairs may cost more than a standard chair, the initial cost is outweighed by the long-term benefits of increased productivity and prevention of serious injury.

There are several features that the ergonomic office chair offers to ensure the comfort and health of its user. And here are our top 5 tips for being able to spot the right chair:

1. Lower back focus - When shopping, look for a chair with a strong structural focus on the lower back area. Support in this area assists the occupier in maintaining good posture, something that is imperative for avoiding undue stress on the spine. Ignore the spine and you are likely to complicate existing back issues and in addition, create new ones.

2. Lumber support - A key indicator of a quality office chair is one fitted with lumbar support; this support cares for the lower back's inward curve. When this natural curve is not supported it can lead to a flattening of the curve and stress on the spinal structure.

3. Height adjustment features - An ergonomic chair should also have height adjustment features that allow people with a range of heights to sit with their feet flat on the floor while having their arms at desk height. It is not healthy to have feet and legs dangling all day nor is it good for arms to not align with the desk - these issues are a leading cause of carpal tunnel syndrome.

4. Adjustable headrest - A quality office chair should come equipped with an adjustable headrest to provide neck support, a support that is vital for anyone stationed at a computer for the majority of the day.

5. Swivel capabilities - Ergonomic chairs should also have the capability to swivel easily so the occupier is not continuously straining to reach different areas of their desk throughout the day.

As a society, it is common for us to spend hours testing and selecting the most comfortable couch for our living room, yet the humble office chair, something we are likely to be seated in for far more many hours, has in the past, often been overlooked.

But no longer. With clear evidence coming from our health professionals as to the long-term benefits of properly fitted chairs, it is clear that employers who want to retain their best staff can no longer afford to overlook what is arguably the most important item for any office worker- the office chair. You can contact us through our website to buy the best ergonomic chairs online. 

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