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Posted 08/21/2023 by Keystone Law Firm

5 Stages of Life: Advice For Empty Nesters

5 Stages of Life: Advice For Empty Nesters

It feels great to see your kids start their new lives as adults on their own. But before their car even leaves the driveway, you may be getting those empty nest feelings: worried about whether they will make good decisions, whether they will create wise financial habits, whether they will eat healthy and wash their clothes regularly, whether they will stay focused in college or their work, or whether they will meet the love of their life. If you are feeling these things, it means that it’s time to start a new chapter in your life. With the focus off your children’s day-to-day needs, you must now re-focus your own plans and get some advice.

You might find yourself adjusting to more of a mentor to your kids, knowing that they will make their own decisions by giving them advice, while still looking to you for guidance. You will find more time and mental focus to pursue your career at a whole new level; or you may find yourself starting a new one! With the kids out of the house, your personal budget will change (maybe up or down!).

And now that you are looking at this phase of life, the next phase appears on the horizon: retirement. 

It’s likely that if you created a will or trust before, it was while your kids were young and needed guardians named. With that no longer the case, it’s time to update your legal documents and create a new plan that protects this stage of your life and prepares you for the next one.

A Free Case Evaluation will help you figure out your first and next step. There is no charge and you will learn what you need to do to protect your family of grown children.

It may be time to create a revocable living trust if you haven’t already.

With adult children now, you might consider placing them in a role with some responsibility, like your healthcare decisions or as a power of attorney.

And with guardians no longer needed, you may want to provide more financial guidance & training to your children knowing that they are going to be making more financial decisions on their own.

When You’re Ready, We’ve Got The Advice To Help Guide You

At Keystone Law Firm, your legal matters are in good hands. We sincerely want the best for our clients and we will walk you through a simple and straightforward process to get this done.  

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