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Posted on 06/29/2018 in Fashion

4 types of shoes every man needs

4 types of shoes every man needs

If you’re trying to make your life simpler, more abundant, and more convenient, you could try practicing a minimalist approach in terms of wardrobe. Admit it: there were (and still are) days where you spend so much time mix-and-matching an outfit and next thing you know, you’ve got 5 minutes left to completely fix yourself, pack your lunch, and get going for work. 

There’s a reason why Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs decided to wear a “uniform,” and it’s to make use of their time more efficiently—not spending 40 minutes only to dress up. 

Challenge yourself and a good area to start is with your shoes. For men, you can have as few as five different types of shoes that can go with anything and for any occasion. Save more money and time. Here are four essential types of shoes every man needs in their wardrobe. 

A pair of quality boots

A good-looking and quality boots are essential to a man’s shoe collection. No collection is complete without this, really. It’s perfect for any season and arguably works nicely whatever the occasion may be. It’s the type of shoes you can put on, head out the door, and still look well-put together. Plus, the one with rubber soles can give you the comfortability all year round, without worrying too much about wearing out quickly. 

A pair of Oxfords

A good pair of mules or heels for women are a good pair of dress shoes, that are oxfords, for men. They’re the one to grab for formal occasions and casual ensembles alike. The sophisticated silhouette and detailing of the Oxford can complete both a three-piece suit or make a casual business attire look polished. These leather shoes is an essential one to your rotation for its versatility alone. 

A pair of running shoes

Regardless if you’re headed out for a quick run or off to the grocery, a pair of quality running shoes is a must-have for your comfortability needs, also works as a final icing in making your street style pop more. 

Looking for running shoes that are also stylish is a breeze now especially since a lot of brands are constantly releasing new styles. Make sure that you find a pair that meets comfortability and style (to make the most of it) that matches well with your lifestyle. 

A pair of casual sneakers

Finally, there’s nothing like a pair of comfortable casual sneakers that can get head-to-head with the demands of your daily routine. A pair of white sneakers is great for this. You can just throw it on and pair it with whatever you wear and it will still look good. Makes you still look put together even when you did otherwise. 

Depending on how much you want your shoes to play into your look, you can go neutral or spice it up. Try matching your accessories and sneakers in the same color for a coordinated, yet polished look.

You don't need a lot of pairs to wear for different occasions, you only need a good, quality few on rotation to play with your style. This should help you not only save time when getting ready in the morning but save you some cash as well (no to spontaneous purchases!).

About the author: Chie is a daytime writer for Northern Menswear, an online streetwear fashion website, developed and run from Manchester with our headquarters situated in Ashton under-lyne.

Posted by Chin Tac
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