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4 tips on how to pursue a career as Yoga Instructor

4 tips on how to pursue a career as Yoga Instructor

Yoga is an ancient discipline developed by the Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India over 5000 years ago. It is an art of life, getting recognized and embraced all over the world for the holistic approach to wellbeing. The powerful set of graded exercises and breathing techniques can be practiced by all age groups. Yoga is a powerful practice to heal physical as well as mental health promoting self-reflection, perseverance and a sense of contentment.

Since lifestyle diseases are becoming a great concern for the youth and old alike, more people are embracing Yoga as an offbeat career option. Once you start practicing Yoga and experience its benefits, you might want to transform the lives of other people too. As a Yoga instructor, you must be passionate to share your love for it. There are other factors to consider as well if you want to pursue it as a long-term career option:

1. Physical fitness & flexibility:

Yoga improves core strength and brings balance and flexibility through a series of postures, movements and breathing patterns. Not only physical benefits, practicing Yoga on a regular basis can make a person calmer, happier person. To become a Yoga Instructor, your physical fitness and flexibility matters the most. Your body must be flexible enough to demonstrate several postures to your students. Learn the philosophical side of Yoga as well which truly has the power to transform lives. This will help you to guide your students to live a positive life.

2. Learn the subject well:

Like every other subject, you need to learn the practice well to become a master of it. In older times, Yoga used to be a part of the daily routine of Gurukul Ashrams. But today, you can learn the subject from reliable institutes of health sciences and get certified for accessing ample job opportunities in India and abroad. NSHM offers Yoga Protocol Instructor and Yoga Wellness Instructor program designed to help you become a trained yoga instructor, trainer, consultant or professional. To qualify for the program, the candidate must secure at least 40% marks in 12th standard or equivalent from a recognized board.

3. Be disciplined:

Knowledge is easily accessible but when it comes to teaching Yoga, it should be shared in a unique way from a place of authenticity. The learned information must be digested through practice. A Yoga instructor should be self-disciplined to teach others based on his/her own experiential understanding. To teach Yoga, you must practice it consistently and make it a part of your routine. Practicing Yoga regularly can bring positive change in your habits, work and lifestyle. Having an early dinner, maintain a regular sleep cycle, limiting the use of electronic gadgets, practicing Yoga at a particular place and time are necessary to be self-disciplined.

4. Evolve consistently:

In almost every profession, the key to success is facing challenges and overcoming them with hard work and knowledge. Humans thrive and feel motivated when they get to do something new every day. A good Yoga instructor understands the individuality of each student and guides them according to their age, ability and health condition. Evolving continuously will give you an opportunity for personal growth with learning new skill, getting inspired and becoming a healthier version of yourself.

5. Build a community:

Being a Yoga instructor provides you with the opportunity to do more meaningful work and build a community where you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people. Your responsibility goes beyond teaching a series of Asanas on a mat. Yoga is a great way to achieve self awareness, consciousness, and self love which must be inspired in students by the instructor. As a teacher, you must pass on the positivity in your body, mind and spirit to your students. It will have a ripple effect if you can create a community and create meaningful positive change in the world.

NSHM has one of the best infrastructures for institute of health sciences.

It is a dynamic and challenging career option that allows you to achieve personal growth, monetary benefits as well as respect from society.

The candidate should have passed 12th standard or equivalent from a recognized board securing at least 40% marks in the qualifying examination.

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