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Posted on 07/27/2018 in Fashion

4 style mishaps you should avoid now

4 style mishaps you should avoid now

Men’s fashion style has evolved over the years. From square toed shoes to casual Oxfords and trendy street style sneakers, men’s style has come a long way. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe, make an inventory to discard the unused and unnecessary stuff, or looking to improve your general style, we’ve got you covered. Switch your horror-inducing uggs with a good pair of Timberlands or Dr. Martens to keep your feet well protected in cold and get rid of your deep v-neck shirts already. Here are four other style crimes you have to avoid at all:

Very short shorts

Men’s ideal perfect shorts sit just above the knee, the shortest you can go is just below the mid-thigh. You may have been eager to buy or wear a pair of short shorts especially if you’ve seen Call Me By Your Name, Armie Hammer does wear those with dignity. Do know, however, that they had to edit out Hammer’s privates because it got exposed due to the nature of the very short shorts. Why don't we just save the very short shorts for the ladies and allow ourselves to walk comfortably with a good pair of shorts? 

Sagging jeans

Sagging jeans were never attractive or pleasant-looking. It just screams trash and makes everyone around you feel uncomfortable. Do you fancy seeing other people’s underwear or boxer shorts? Unless you’re a part of a gang or a hip-hop artist, you can make a pass. But it’s 2018 and it seems like sagging jeans are no longer a thing anymore, so why still wear it that way?

Jeans should sit on your hips or near your waist for better fitting and comfortability. If you feel like your jeans are sagging down unintentionally, then time to look for a more fitting pair.

Unbreathable skinny jeans

Super tight skinny jeans can look unpleasant the same way saggy jeans does. There's nothing more stripping of your hard work for your quads and leg day other than skinny jeans that appear to strangle both your legs and what else down there.

Imagine looking tough and mighty from the waist up but pretty funny looking from the waist down. Wouldn’t you find it unappealing and highly uncomfortable? It’s a no-no so don't even try.


Foam clogs are not and will never be fashionable. Stop trying to make Crocs happen! We could never see this paired well with any outfit or styled appealingly in any way. Yes, they may be comfortable. But you have other shoe styles or brands that can give the same comfort and are not foam clogs.

Got more style crimes you’d like to share so our fellow stylish men can avoid it? Share it with us!

About the author: Chie is a daytime writer for Northern Menswear, an online streetwear fashion website, developed and run from Manchester with our headquarters situated in Ashton under-lyne.

Posted by Chin Tac
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