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Posted on 10/12/2021 in Business

3 quick tips to improve client relations

3 quick tips to improve client relations

The remote and hybrid working models are here to stay. Although there are many advantages to this new way of life, it can be difficult to maintain a strong relationship with your clients when everything is virtual. So, here are 3 quick tips that you can use to improve your client relations in this virtual world.

Personalize the experience

We all know the feeling of Zoom fatigue. Back-to-back meetings quickly turn into a monotonous blur of digital waiting rooms, static backgrounds and sharing screens. Personalize the experience for your client so that they don’t feel like another calendar invite. Take interest in them and make conversation about their interests. Look at each of your key client relationships and ask yourself how you can tailor the experience to make them feel like they are your most valued client.

Counteract the virtual with something tangible

Break the digital default and send them something in the post. This is a quick and easy way to re-introduce the tangible, personable element of in-person meetings. You could even turn it into an opportunity for a shared experience like taste-testing, drink mixing or craft workshops with your team.

Brush up on your camera etiquette
Yes, you read that correctly. To turn your camera on or not to turn it on, that is the question of the virtual workplace. When face-to-face meetings are not possible, video calls are the next best thing. While it certainly replicates the dynamic of in-person meetings, video calls require a lot more focus than face-to-face meetings.

For example, the subtle body language that our brain subconsciously and easily interprets in person is often omitted when on a video call. Silence is another normal feature of in-person conversations. However, when it happens in a virtual space, it causes doubt in the internet connection. All these subtle social cues are more difficult to recognize on camera, and often result in Zoom fatigue.

So, if you think your client might be burdened with virtual meetings, here’s a really simple but effective gesture when it comes to your call: give your client a heads up if you will be using your camera and invite them to leave theirs on or off – whatever they prefer.

For more in-depth tips that are specific to your industry and client needs, start a conversation with our team today to find out how our executive coaches can strengthen your existing client relations, and build new ones.


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