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Posted 08/05/2022 by Puppy Palace Pet Shop

3 Behaviors to Watch Out For in a New Puppy

3 Behaviors to Watch Out For in a New Puppy

Puppies are one of the most wonderful additions to any family. They can bring long-lost happiness to even the dullest places. People are always excited to have these little creatures part of their life. But sometimes things could turn for the worse when the family has to deal with a certain behavior of the puppy which stands utterly unacceptable. It is often seen that puppies go through several behavioral changes while settling down in a new atmosphere. We at Puppy Palace Pet Shop are one of the best shops for buying and knowing about puppies in Brisbane. Any issues with the puppies can be managed with some proper training and care.

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Let us discuss three prominent behaviors that are pretty common among puppies:

1. Nipping

This is a very usual behavior by the puppies which involves exploring, communicating, biting, and nipping the people and the objects around them.  It is often termed as pretty normal behavior by the puppies at the initial development stage. All these habits could last for several months and could even expand if they are dealt with ignorance or tolerated most of the time. If you don’t wish to see these habits of the puppies building up to become part of their nature then one must act to stop at the early stage.

  • To stop it from happening, let the little puppy know that it hurts when he nips or bites somewhere. Affirm this while your shout loudly by saying no or ouch.
  • It is pretty common for the puppies to nip or bite and seek the attention of the owner through it. Make sure that you do not give attention to any such activities.

 2. Chewing

Chewing is also a pretty common behavior that the puppies adopt same as the little old baby. The puppies will chew an object they find out about. The process is also to strengthen their jaws. It also gives them quite a relief from the pain caused by teething. The owner however might get frustrated due to such behavior and start finding ways to stop it.

  • One of the ideas is to bring your puppy a chew toy that will stop them from chewing other objects and they will be engaged with their toy.
  • Make sure that you keep your stuff at a safe distance from the little puppies. Do not allow them to have access to your stuff which could potentially become a chewing object for them.

 3. Barking

One of the obvious traits of the dog is to bark. Puppies will bark often when they are hungry, they are bored or they simply wish to seek your attention. But sometimes it becomes quite frustrating for the homeowner due to regular barking.

  • The best way to stop this habit from developing is to ignore your puppy when they bark. This will make them think that it’s not the right way to seek attention and better let them try something else.

We at Puppy Palace Pet Shop are one of the best places to find puppies in Queensland. We will be glad to help you know more about these cute creatures.

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